Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Baaa-aaack! Who doesn't love this Knot Romper?

Who remembers this little romper?  It was a FAVE of soooo many, including me! It pretty much sold out lickety split.  I even thought I had made a lot of them, but no such luck (terrible luck to have, right?LOL)

I have some Fabulous News…it’s BAAA-AAACK!!
I think it is such a cute and winning design. Come on, right?  It really can be worn year ‘round, either layer it up with a tee or t-neck or not.  You decide.  What a fantastic values it is , PLUS it is not only super comfy, but it is a super cute silhouette, too!!

I even have great news for the younger fashionistas that this piece is a “must-have” for:  the size 2 has snaps.  Wow!  How cool is that?  It’s now so easy for mommy to change her little one.

Yes, this style is coming soon in many different colorways and fantastic prints.

I know….that’s Fabuluous!

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