Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guess Who has Fallen in LoVe with our Rockin' Ladies Ruffles?

Guess who has Fallen in Love with our Ruffles??

Ruffle Party goin’ on in the House right now!
Wow!  You girls were fantastic last night!!  I can’t even tell you happy I am that you were trying so hard to get your hands on some Ladies Ruffles.  What a cool thing for me to wake up to.  I had posted the coffee bean pic last night and then I just had to go to bed.  I mean, it was after midnight, I think or there abouts.  What troopers you are!

Drum Roll Please….and here’s our winner of our Ladies Ruffle Pants:
                                         mango teal tarragon java and charcoal
and for being such an awesomely (is that even a real word???) good sport and giving it whirl after whirl after whirl and being so close on a few of your guesses, we have a runner up who is going to get a “surprise goodie”!!!
Another drum roll please…and here’s our runner up           
                                        Java teal mango tarragon black
 This was so close and a ton of fun!  Thanks for playing with me, girls!!!

Ladies, please email me at  I’ll need your address, please and for Chrys the size of Ruffle Pants you need.  They come in XS(6) thru XL(16-18).  The color will be a surprise J

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hint! Hint! Hint!

So, I don’t have a correct guess yet for the five knit colors of Ladies Ruffled Pants for this Fall.  Hmmmm.  Since we only have 2 days until the contest is over and I have yet to see the correct guess, I’m going to give you girls some help.    Here’s a copy of the guess that has come in the closest to being correct so far:
LellanyOctober 3, 2012 8:24 PM
mango, lime, golden, teal and tarragon :)
Hint:  Mango
Hint:  Teal
Hint:  Tarragon
Now that only leaves you gals two more colors to figure out!
Come on, give it another whirl! You can do this.  I’m tellin’ ya…you’re gonna LOVE these Ruffled Pants!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall in LOVE Freebie Contest!

So in my world I just came up with a fantastic idea for a contest.  I’m so excited to do this.   I think this will really be a fun one, plus the Grand Prize will be a pair of our new Ladies Ruffled Pants…with a yoga waistband, I might add.  They’re sooo comfy.  If you don’t already have a pair and you win, be ready to
 Fall in Love!
Here’s the deal:  I’ve chosen 5 knits off of this color card.  The first person to correctly tell me which five colors I’ve chosen for our Fall in Love Ladies Ruffle Pants WINS a pair!!  That’s a $44 value for a biG FaT FREE!!
Sorry, not all the colors translated so well in this photo, but you can still see the color names which is what you need to list in the comments below and maybe, just maybe you’ll be the lucky WINNER! 
I’m also going to be introducing a new ladies tunic in a handful of different colorways.  They’re so gorgeous and fun!  Just wait, you’re gonna love them, too.  Anyhoo, here is your big HINT:

This is just one of the prints for the ladies tunics.  Oh, I’m so in love with it.  Did  I mention that there will be several girl pieces to coordinate with mommy?  Yep!  We have got it goin’ on over here at 
FGC this Fall!

Contest ends October 12, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Baaa-aaack! Who doesn't love this Knot Romper?

Who remembers this little romper?  It was a FAVE of soooo many, including me! It pretty much sold out lickety split.  I even thought I had made a lot of them, but no such luck (terrible luck to have, right?LOL)

I have some Fabulous News…it’s BAAA-AAACK!!
I think it is such a cute and winning design. Come on, right?  It really can be worn year ‘round, either layer it up with a tee or t-neck or not.  You decide.  What a fantastic values it is , PLUS it is not only super comfy, but it is a super cute silhouette, too!!

I even have great news for the younger fashionistas that this piece is a “must-have” for:  the size 2 has snaps.  Wow!  How cool is that?  It’s now so easy for mommy to change her little one.

Yes, this style is coming soon in many different colorways and fantastic prints.

I know….that’s Fabuluous!

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