Monday, July 16, 2012


Okay, all you Fabulous Mommies!  Be on the lookout this week for my little alter ego Blondie in the boots .  She's cool, hip, cute, and maybe even a bit bossy, but she can get the job done because she's full of great tidbits and info!

  When you see her show up on Facebook,  that will be your signal to follow the link to my blog which will have info for you!  I will be posting  about a few shopping dates for those of you who wanted to get a few pieces before the parade or from the new collcection very soon.  Also, I will do a second blog post this week  regarding the nitty gritty details of the parade just as soon as the parade officials notify me of our placement in line.  I should receive that phone call by this Thursday, fyi, and so you’re not wondering!

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