Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Linkin' you UP!

We’re just full of BIG news this week…
First, we’re being featured on Zulily starting
 today and will run thru Sat.
You all know how the “Z” works, right?  They have over 6 million members now (holy wow!) that shop their site regularly, they partner with different vendors who’s  brand they really love and they show it off to their members via a sale on their website. It’s very easy to shop the site, too: great pics, 
easy shopping cart, fantastic pricing
 (LOVE it!!!)
Here’s a quick link for ya: 

Ding! Ding! Ding!
Major news flash:

Secondly, I’ve moved our shopping site over to the Big Cartel.  Whew! Even though they make is super easy, it’s just a lot of work & time to load an entire line onto a website.  This is the only place you can purchase our new line, Charmed.  Well, that is unless you buy from us face to face locally at a show/artfair!  That’s always an option, too.  I love, love, LOVE to meet my customers and our fans!!  Now that is big fun right there folks (super corny, but oh, so true!).  

p.s.  Big Kuddos to Susan Deloach for the Fabulous photography!


  1. I got my Zulily order in :-) We so appreciate that you go to size 8!!! My little girl has long legs, and we were so excited when we got our ruffle khakis from you earlier this summer and they were long enough!! ♥ Of course if she keeps this crazy growing up, I'll be begging you for size 10's soon hehe.

  2. Oh, so happy that you're so pleased with your pieces and the fit. I work really, really hard on the patterns/sizing!! So nice to hear that it's paying off with a little note like this! thanks for the kuddos.
    EnJOY your new purchases!


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