Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bursting with Pride!

So this was our very fist parade for
Fabulous Girl Clothing.   
  I wasn’t sure just how many girls would show up, which made me a little nervous.  I was also a bit scared to put FGC out there and parade around, literally.  You just never know how people are going to react... I guess I had a bit of stage fright.

 Just look at all the little gals that came out for me and FGC!  Thank you again to all the supportive parents.  You mommies rock!
 It was a long walk for such little legs.  Plus, it was steamy, steamy hot. Guess what?
The more they marched and waved, the more the crowd cheered them on!  It was such a joy to see the crowd react like they did to these Fabulous little girls.  I'm talking, I saw countless faces light up in the crowd.  How fun is that? Yep, you guessed it if you know me at all:  Big Fun! Without a doubt, my bunch of gals were fittingly  quite Charming.
 All my Fabulous Girls did me so proud  and marched right on all the way to the end. 
 They were such little troopers, indeed, and looked Fabulous all the while, too!  Don’t you agree? 
It was a fun day filled with anticipation, laughter, music, cheering, pom poms & wands, smiling, waving, a warm sense of belonging, and feeling not only Fabulous, but appreciated.
 The parade goers loved us and were kind enough to stop by our booth all weekend long and say so.  Boy! Oh, boy did that ever make me feel good! I already thought the girls were just precious and sweet being themselves.  I was so proud of them for representing FGC in such a good light and persevering the entire distance in the hot summer heat of SC.   
   I was pretty close to being speechless with all the compliments that came flooding in about them.   Ah…what more could a girl want?  
Well, let me tell you:  They’re helping to make my dream come true and in return, I want them to feel the sense of belonging and pride in themselves that they help me to feel in myself. Yep, it’s pretty great being a Fabulous Girl! Maybe I should start a club????


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