Monday, July 30, 2012

A "Charming" Giveaway!

Oh, Happy Day!  It’s time for a Charming Giveaway!!

These Fabulous Frocks   are valued at $70 and could be yours for FREE!  
It’s never been easier to enter and play along.  You know you don’t want to miss this chance to win these two Fabulous pieces from FGC. 
   So do tell…are you Charmed?

Sending out a big, BIG thank you to Jennifer of Forty Toes Photography for the beautiful model and photography!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bursting with Pride!

So this was our very fist parade for
Fabulous Girl Clothing.   
  I wasn’t sure just how many girls would show up, which made me a little nervous.  I was also a bit scared to put FGC out there and parade around, literally.  You just never know how people are going to react... I guess I had a bit of stage fright.

 Just look at all the little gals that came out for me and FGC!  Thank you again to all the supportive parents.  You mommies rock!
 It was a long walk for such little legs.  Plus, it was steamy, steamy hot. Guess what?
The more they marched and waved, the more the crowd cheered them on!  It was such a joy to see the crowd react like they did to these Fabulous little girls.  I'm talking, I saw countless faces light up in the crowd.  How fun is that? Yep, you guessed it if you know me at all:  Big Fun! Without a doubt, my bunch of gals were fittingly  quite Charming.
 All my Fabulous Girls did me so proud  and marched right on all the way to the end. 
 They were such little troopers, indeed, and looked Fabulous all the while, too!  Don’t you agree? 
It was a fun day filled with anticipation, laughter, music, cheering, pom poms & wands, smiling, waving, a warm sense of belonging, and feeling not only Fabulous, but appreciated.
 The parade goers loved us and were kind enough to stop by our booth all weekend long and say so.  Boy! Oh, boy did that ever make me feel good! I already thought the girls were just precious and sweet being themselves.  I was so proud of them for representing FGC in such a good light and persevering the entire distance in the hot summer heat of SC.   
   I was pretty close to being speechless with all the compliments that came flooding in about them.   Ah…what more could a girl want?  
Well, let me tell you:  They’re helping to make my dream come true and in return, I want them to feel the sense of belonging and pride in themselves that they help me to feel in myself. Yep, it’s pretty great being a Fabulous Girl! Maybe I should start a club????

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Marching On!

Marching on with the Parade Details:
Drop off:  Please bring your daughter(s) to the corner of Green Street and Adventure Street.

Time:  9:30 , the parade starts at 10:00

Line Up Placement:  FGC is #4 in line, so please look for the #4 when you bring your daughter for drop off.

Model Release Form:  I’m asking that a model release form be signed for each girl participating so that I may use pictures of them on my blog and facebook.  It’s a simple form and quite standard. Miss Courtney will have these for you to sign, so please go to her before leaving to watch the parade.  I thank you in advance.

Pick Up:  Please meet us in the parking lot of Beaufort Elementary for pick up promptly after the parade is over,  Located at 1800 Prince Street, just off Bay Street.

***Please Note: I  have a booth at the Waterefront area and I will need to get there asap after the parade, so please do not be delayed in picking up your Fabulous Girl.

Also, I will have a little surprise for each of your Fabulous Girls after the parade is over.  So let’s make sure we don’t miss on that!
Lastly, I want to say “Thank You” for sharing your girls with me and with FGC.  I truly appreciate each of them and am so tickled to have them join us and represent my wee little clothing line.  I think they’re just Fabulous!

Smell the Roses!

So I’ve been taking it kind of easy this summer or so I thought.  I’ve been really swamped again the last few weeks and it’s catching up to me. I absolutely love what I do.  It’s on my brain all the time!  I’m constantly thinking about different designs I want to do, what fabrics I’ll choose, and oh! I dream of designing my own fabric!  That would be so cool.  I need to find out what that process is all about.  I figure other people do it all the time, why not me?  Yeah, we’ll see about that.  Time is always an issue especially with another learning curve. Wow, I digress, sorry.
I meant to tell ya’ll that I’ll be set up as a vendor this coming weekend at the Waterfestival in downtown Beaufort.  I need to get my racks ready and clothing sorted for that, stat.  How do these things sneak up on me sometimes?  Maybe I just don’t freak out anymore like I used to before doing a show.  That’s a plus!  We have a few things figured out now and it’s so nice although every set up and show is different, which I kind of don’t get.  I digress again.  It’s after 3:00 in the morn, can you tell?  Why am I even up now?
Anyhoo, the whole point of this post is to tell you that
 Fabulous Girl Clothing
Will definitely be at the Waterfest starting this Fri thru the weekend.  Lastly , as soon as I get some good sleep, visit with my shoppers tomorrow (well, actually later today), do my parade prep, and get packed for the show I’m going to take a little time for me and smell the roses!

That’s right! I’m going to treat myself to the hair salon this afternoon, then swing by the nail salon, come home and watch do a movie night with my girlies.  I’m so over-do for this and I’m so excited.  Why is it that it feels so good to flip thru a magazine at the salon???  Oh, yes.  I think it's the relative peace and quiet.  ahhhh, I can hardly wait to smell the roses!

p.s. I'm still waiting to hear from the parade people about our meeting place/time for the parade line up.  I promise to post that info asap so you can plan accordingly.
Now instead of saying "good night", I'll say "good morning" as I make my way to bed for some zzzz's.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I’m baaa-aack!

  Who wants to come on over and do a little shopping for the parade?
Guess what?  Not only do I have all the answers (well at least I pretend to!), but I have a Fabulous Surprise for you, my Lovely Local Loyals!
No need to buy anything new for your daughter to walk in the parade with FGC, but she MUST wear our label for her top and bottom clothing.  Anyhoo, back to your Fabulous Surprise should you want some new pieces: 
20% off anything you like,
 including our new line, Charmed! 
Woo, Hoo!  Are you doing the happy dance right about now????
Caught ya!
photography by Susan DeLoach
Here’s the scoop:
Fab Shopping:   101 Palmer Lane, Bft, Battery Point Sub.  (hint:  use the second sub entrance nearest Lowe’s, take a right onto Bostick Cr. at the first stop sign, go around curve and my house is on your left about ½ block down on the corner of Bostick Cr. And Palmer Lane, white house-big porch). 
Wednesday, July 18th 10-1 and 6-8
Thursday, July 19th 10-1 only

I'll be posting finalized details just as soon as they're made available to me by the parade people, like the meeting time and place.  Oh, this is gonna be big fun!!  Did I mention I have pink pom poms For the girls?  shhhh, it's a little surprise just for them! 

For questions:  email

Monday, July 16, 2012


Is it just me or is this line not only Charming, but Deliciously cute, too? 

We were so lucky to have such lovely models. 
Isn’t she just beautiful???  I cannot get over her hair!!!  Plus, what a pretty, pretty face.  She’s making us look so Fabulous!
I’ve been loading all the new pieces onto our new shopping site:
I’m really swamped this week, but working really hard.  I should have all the pieces loaded by the end of next week. In the meantime, if you’d like to see more, skip on over to our new site!  The shopping cart is ON and the pieces are ready to ship.
Hope to see you there!


Okay, all you Fabulous Mommies!  Be on the lookout this week for my little alter ego Blondie in the boots .  She's cool, hip, cute, and maybe even a bit bossy, but she can get the job done because she's full of great tidbits and info!

  When you see her show up on Facebook,  that will be your signal to follow the link to my blog which will have info for you!  I will be posting  about a few shopping dates for those of you who wanted to get a few pieces before the parade or from the new collcection very soon.  Also, I will do a second blog post this week  regarding the nitty gritty details of the parade just as soon as the parade officials notify me of our placement in line.  I should receive that phone call by this Thursday, fyi, and so you’re not wondering!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Easy Twitter Know How...finally!

Okay, so no bells and whistles with this post, but I have to share this tidbit!!  I just came across  this super simple  chart from  Buddy Media to help me understand and and actually use Twitter.  What a concept...use Twitter, effectively. 

Ah, now I finally know what to do with hashtags.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Linkin' you UP!

We’re just full of BIG news this week…
First, we’re being featured on Zulily starting
 today and will run thru Sat.
You all know how the “Z” works, right?  They have over 6 million members now (holy wow!) that shop their site regularly, they partner with different vendors who’s  brand they really love and they show it off to their members via a sale on their website. It’s very easy to shop the site, too: great pics, 
easy shopping cart, fantastic pricing
 (LOVE it!!!)
Here’s a quick link for ya: 

Ding! Ding! Ding!
Major news flash:

Secondly, I’ve moved our shopping site over to the Big Cartel.  Whew! Even though they make is super easy, it’s just a lot of work & time to load an entire line onto a website.  This is the only place you can purchase our new line, Charmed.  Well, that is unless you buy from us face to face locally at a show/artfair!  That’s always an option, too.  I love, love, LOVE to meet my customers and our fans!!  Now that is big fun right there folks (super corny, but oh, so true!).  

p.s.  Big Kuddos to Susan Deloach for the Fabulous photography!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We're going Big Time...

We're going big time tomorrow...
perhaps you've heard of a little site by the name of Zulily.
Just kidding!!!  Of course you have, right???  They're huge, they're BIG TIME
especially for little ol' us!
Should you make a Fabulous purchase while visiting my
sale on Zulily,
you're in for a special treat once you receive your order!

Do you love surprises as much as we do?? 

Hope so because you won't want to miss this sale or your "goodie"!

We hope to see you there!!!!!



Monday, July 2, 2012

Take Note!

Take Note!
There's a parade going on and we're gonna be there!
Fabulous Girl Clothing will in fact be participating in this year’s Waterfest Grand Parade in downtown Beaufort, SC. We’re very excited as we’ve had a big day around here…we’ve been welcomed warmly to join in the parade fun, which is a long time tradition here in beautiful Beaufort, and we got the great news today that we’ve been selected to be a vendor this year at their art market!

If you think your little girl is “Fabulous” and would like to join us, please let us know.  You can send an email to
Although it’s not necessary to purchase new clothing for her to participate, it is required that she wear (top and bottom) either my first label: Finds of the Fabulous Kind!
or my current label:  Fabulous Girl Clothing
***Also, girls must be at least 3 years old to participate***
Because so many mommies have already inquired about getting some new pieces from my latest collection, “Charmed”, I’ll be offering a few different times for shopping prior to the parade.  Should you choose to have your daughter participate and would like some new pieces too, please indicate that as well when you email.
I’ll be doing a follow up blog post with more information 2-3 days before the parade as more information is made available to me.  So stay tuned!  

I found this adorable note card at Giver's Log  Check it out for some super fun tutorials!

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