Monday, June 11, 2012

Ta Da!

Ta Da!  Here they are!!  If you see your little lady below that means she's been invited to join us for our next photo shoot, "Charmed".  Please email the following information ASAP in the exact same format to :
1.                The “pet name” that you see below your child’s picture
2.               Your child’s real name & your name
3.             Your child’s age
4.              Your child’s size
5.              The city/town you live in or where you’ll be coming from  and how long it will take you to get to Beaufort
6.              Which day is best for you to be here for the shoot:
Tuesday, June 19th or Wednesday, June 20th?
Once I’ve heard from each of you, I will  then have some details & scheduling to work out .   I will email each of you within a few days with all the juicy details so you can plan accordingly.

Please Note:  If you/your daughter are not available  either of the dates listed above, please let me know immediately as I will need to make alternate arrangements. Thank you!


Miss Lilac

Flower Power


I want to send out a big, BIG “Thank You!”  to all who inquired.  You all have some really, really fabulous little girls!!  I wish I could have them all do the shoot, but the good news is is that I now have a big stash of gals to possibly invite the next go 'round!  Thank you again xoxo.


  1. all so cute!!! great job picking these girls, it must have been hard!

  2. Thanks!! We are sooo excited about Ella being a Fabulous Girl model! Congratulations to all the beautiful little girls!! I know that they were all beautiful and that it had to be extremly hard to only pick a few! Looking forward to the photo shoot! Tera Marsh


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