Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Excited!

So Excited…
To share a few little sneak peeks with you all!

We did our latest photo shoot right here at my home.  I was slightly nervous, thinking it might not be interesting enough or pretty enough of a background, but it turned out to be perfectly fine, whew!  That’s what happens when you work with a great photographer like Susan DeLoach.  She was so accommodating and helpful to me (I have a bummed foot and am on crutches 

for a while), plus you can just tell she really loves what she does for a 

living.  That’s the best!  She knows just how to handle the littles!  Plus, she’s pretty “high techno” as we call it around here (y’all know I’m not).  It was beyond cool that as she was taking the shots, they were being sent over to me where I could see them real time on her ipad!!  How cool is that?

 Anyhoo….My wish is that you all are as Charmed as I am!
If so, please leave me some comments  below :)



  1. You and Susan both were a pleasure to work with! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with y'all...gorgeous clothes..gorgeous pictures..gorgeous little girls.. <3 <3

  2. Absolutely beautiful! We had a great time!!! She is asking when she can take pictures again and really wants to do the parade!!!

  3. Great pictures! All the girls were so beautiful and Fabulous! Can't wait to see more! The clothing line is absolutely Fabulous! Love every single piece in the line! We were so honored for Ella to be part of the shoot!!


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