Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love to Share!

Love to Share the Fab!
Here are just a few more sneak peeks of our Charmed photo shoot. It  was so much fun for us, plus I think the girls had a grand time doing it too! 

Keep your eyes on my blog…you never know when I’ll have more exciting news like a giveaway  or another
model call.  Actually, I’m working on a fun event for next month that I’ll be doing a Fabulous Girl call for if all goes as planned.  The only requirement to participate and hang with us will be to don your fave Fabulous Girl outfit and join us for some fun! 

 I had a lot of mommies of fabulous little girls inquire about the Charmed model call and I’m hoping to see a lot of them inquire again for this. It will give me a chance to see and meet the girls in person and that way I’ll have girls in mind for my next shoot…handy-dandy! 

  I’ll keep ya’ll posted on that, promise!!  You can always leave me a comment here on my blog if you’re interested already.

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  1. Love these! My daughter loves her Tee and ruffle pants, as you saw on FB, we'll now be looking thru the new stuff :-)


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