Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ruffles, Piggies, & Country Charm...Oh, My!

Yes, that’s right!
Sometimes I think  I must really be a nutball… here ‘s a little sneak peek of my “side”  line to Charmed.  It’s easy, comfy, and carefree…

It’s full of Country Charm
And just as cute as can be!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love to Share!

Love to Share the Fab!
Here are just a few more sneak peeks of our Charmed photo shoot. It  was so much fun for us, plus I think the girls had a grand time doing it too! 

Keep your eyes on my blog…you never know when I’ll have more exciting news like a giveaway  or another
model call.  Actually, I’m working on a fun event for next month that I’ll be doing a Fabulous Girl call for if all goes as planned.  The only requirement to participate and hang with us will be to don your fave Fabulous Girl outfit and join us for some fun! 

 I had a lot of mommies of fabulous little girls inquire about the Charmed model call and I’m hoping to see a lot of them inquire again for this. It will give me a chance to see and meet the girls in person and that way I’ll have girls in mind for my next shoot…handy-dandy! 

  I’ll keep ya’ll posted on that, promise!!  You can always leave me a comment here on my blog if you’re interested already.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Excited!

So Excited…
To share a few little sneak peeks with you all!

We did our latest photo shoot right here at my home.  I was slightly nervous, thinking it might not be interesting enough or pretty enough of a background, but it turned out to be perfectly fine, whew!  That’s what happens when you work with a great photographer like Susan DeLoach.  She was so accommodating and helpful to me (I have a bummed foot and am on crutches 

for a while), plus you can just tell she really loves what she does for a 

living.  That’s the best!  She knows just how to handle the littles!  Plus, she’s pretty “high techno” as we call it around here (y’all know I’m not).  It was beyond cool that as she was taking the shots, they were being sent over to me where I could see them real time on her ipad!!  How cool is that?

 Anyhoo….My wish is that you all are as Charmed as I am!
If so, please leave me some comments  below :)


Monday, June 11, 2012

Ta Da!

Ta Da!  Here they are!!  If you see your little lady below that means she's been invited to join us for our next photo shoot, "Charmed".  Please email the following information ASAP in the exact same format to :
1.                The “pet name” that you see below your child’s picture
2.               Your child’s real name & your name
3.             Your child’s age
4.              Your child’s size
5.              The city/town you live in or where you’ll be coming from  and how long it will take you to get to Beaufort
6.              Which day is best for you to be here for the shoot:
Tuesday, June 19th or Wednesday, June 20th?
Once I’ve heard from each of you, I will  then have some details & scheduling to work out .   I will email each of you within a few days with all the juicy details so you can plan accordingly.

Please Note:  If you/your daughter are not available  either of the dates listed above, please let me know immediately as I will need to make alternate arrangements. Thank you!


Miss Lilac

Flower Power


I want to send out a big, BIG “Thank You!”  to all who inquired.  You all have some really, really fabulous little girls!!  I wish I could have them all do the shoot, but the good news is is that I now have a big stash of gals to possibly invite the next go 'round!  Thank you again xoxo.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Wow, like I said before, this is really a tough one to make.  I’m still pouring through all the pictures that were sent in from all you Fabulous mommies.  The love you have and pride you feel for your daughters is amazing!  I love reading the answer to question #4:  Please describe your daughter’s personality.  It’s my favorite question and my favorite answer, too!  So insightful.  Being a Fabulous Girl is so much more than looking Fabulous.  It’s about the whole girl. 
I think I just thought up a new idea for a contest!  Maybe I should do a “What does it mean to you to be a Fabulous Girl” Contest!!!
What do you think?  I’d really like to know what you’re thinking and what the little Fabulous Girls are thinking.  Tell ya what, if you think that is a grand idea for the near future, please leave a comment below (it’s easy to leave a comment and just takes a minute of your time). I don’t want to know your thoughts just yet, I’m just taking the temp around here to see if anyone is interested in me doing that, k?  Perhaps I’ll do a mini interview with our first ever official Fabulous Girl, Miss  Abigail, and ask her what it means to her.  Yeah!  I think that’s a grand idea.

Okay, back to the real business of this post:  I just wanted to update you and let you know that I’m still laboring over the decisions I have to make.  I wish I could have all the little girls participate!  Oh, grand idea #2 of this post:   maybe I should do a big group shot of all the little girls who inquired that have some of their own FGS pieces at the end of the shoot! I could invite all the former  Fabulous Girls and have a meet & greet...a little reunion!!!  So hey! Tell me your thoughts on that idea also in the comment box below and I’ll go from there!  One thing I truly appreciate and value is loyalty and that might be the perfect way for me to say “thank you, I appreciate your loyalty to my little, humble, very proudly made in the good ‘ol USA, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, whew! clothing line”!

Please Note:  I had to change the date of the photo shoot to the following week.  The shoot will now take place on
 Tuesday, June 19th and Wednesday, June 20th.   
 Thank you for happens!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Calling All Fabulous Girls!

Model Call:   

We'll be doing a photo shoot early next week and we're on the lookout for

 some Fabulous new faces. We're looking for girls who range in size

 2 thru 8.

 If you are interested in your girl doing a little modeling or if 

you think she'd love the Fabulous experience, please email at least  

2 pictures (can be snap shots) and  the following info to:  

1. Are you near enough Beaufort, SC to make the shoot and be available the morning of Tues. June 12th or Wed., June 13th to do the shoot?

2.  What age is your child?

3.  What size does she wear?

4.  Please describe her personality?

5.  Does she take direction well?

6.  Has she modeled before?

Thank you in advance for your inquiries & interest.  I'll post right here on FGC's Blog which girls have been chosen to participate in this upcoming photo shoot for our “Charmed  “line, Spring/Summer 2012.  Please understand that this decision is going to be a difficult one to make.  Also, please know that depending upon the particular shoot/line that we'll be doing, we're always looking for specific ages, experience, etc. On that note, if you don’t see your daughter’s picture posted here this time around, she just might be chosen the next time around.   I sincerely appreciate each and every inquiry.  I know you all have beautiful girls…Fabulous Girls!  I'm so looking forward to the shoot!!

***Lastly, should your daughter be chosen to model for Fabulous Girl Clothing, by answering the questions above  via email, you grant Fabulous Girl Clothing permission to use the photo(s) of your daughter that you emailed to me on this blog.***

Good Luck to All!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fabulous? Yes! Charming? Yes!

Fabulous?  Yes!  Charming?  Yes!

 Even Happier?  Why YES!!  

Thank you for asking-lol.  Maybe I should pose this question:  
Slap Happy?  Yes!

Okay, I have to just say this:  I'm really, really proud of my latest line.  I truly love it!  I can't even tell you how much hard work and how many hours went into "Charmed".  It was so worth it, too.  I had a concise vision for this mostly foo-foo line finely balanced with simpler pieces and it's so exciting to see that it has finally come to fruition!  Yes, I know, I'm not exactly on the industry's time schedule (that is so hard to do!), but I'm getting there.  I've made some really big, BIG strides this last year with my wee, little clothing line.  I’m looking forward to growing even more, although I know I have a long way to go!  Btw, do y’all know anyone who is really a dynamic person? a great sense of fashion & color?  an all around Fabulous Girl?  I’m going to be looking to find a few good ladies, I mean really Fabulous Girls to head up my sales program.  This will be a prime opportunity to get in on the ground floor and then end up right at the top!  More about all that later…just keep that in mind and shoot me a line if you know a special gal like I’m talking about.  Could it be you??? Maybe. thanks!
Now I want to share some more snap shots from our launch event with you.  I hope you find the girls and clothing as Fabulous as I do!  Have you been Charmed? I sure hope so!


What a great turn out we had for our “Charmed” launch.  I’m so tickled about it!  Instead of rambling on I thought I’d share pictures with you…

My Fabulous Girls, Amanda and Lucy, preparing …
Good Luck wishes and lovely flowers from my  very own
Mr. Wonderful

My first balloon drop like this…thank you Pinterest!
A sweet little corner vignette displaying just one of our new dresses.

Amanda has her party on~  Fab job Amanda!!

Shop on, Ladies!
We loved seeing our old  friends and making new ones, too.  What a treat!
Thank you all for a really wonderful  event!

More pictures to follow!

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