Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Fabulous Easter Ideas 2012

Could this button picture be any cuter?  I'm trying to be "wordless", but this is going to prove to be hard with all this cuteness! Check it out here for a complete "how to", plus what a great blog I discovered!  :  Adorable Easter Egg Picture
Above:  Paint chip garland.  Isn't this a great idea?  So clever indeed!

Gotta love the Peeps, right?  They're always cute and amusing.  

Here's another fabulous idea from Tip Junkie,

I couldn't resist just a little more button LOVE from 
 Auntie Lolo Crafts.  They're just too, too fun and cute not to share!

H.C.I.T.  How cute is this?  What a festive welcome this is, right?

Okay, so much for a "Wordless Wednesday"!!!  Apparently,  I'm incapable of staying quiet in the midst of all this
 Easter Celebration Cuteness...go figure!

Happy Easter, Ya'll!

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