Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time to put your Duds On!

Time for a Debut at
Fabulous Girl Clothing!

That’s right, we have big, BIG news here at FGC…we have a second label now.  I’m so excited about it, too!  You all have been asking for it and now I’m delivering. 
Now don’t get too excited like I’m going to do a full on line for boys because sadly, I’m not.  My intentions are to use this label on my baby boy items:  bibs, burp cloths, lovey blankets, etc.  ***Here’s the bonus***…I do plan on doing a few bowling shirts (button down shirts), neck ties, and perhaps even a few bow ties for us Southerners.  How does that sound?  Won’t that be Fabulous to be able to order a dress/outfit for your little gal and then coordinate a simple tie or shirt with your boy?  I think so, that's always fun!  Here is it:
You all probably know that I have five girls, but did you know that I also have one boy. Yep, right smack dab in the middle of all this crazy estrogen flying around our house is my boy, my Buddy Ruffis, my Buddy Boy.
 He’s my one and only and man, am I ever crazy about him!!  I always have been.  I adore each and every one of my lovely girls, so treasure our “girl time”, and thoroughly enjoy watching their sisterhood’s develop.  It’s the sweetest thing and beyond interesting to me as I’m the only girl in my family. Blah, blah, blah...I may have shared that with you before.  Anyhoo, you other mamas of boys know what I’m talking about with my boy.  Am I right or am I right???
So here he is many moons ago when he was just babe…..ahhhhh, right?  I remember this like it was literally yesterday!  I feel old saying this, but really, where has the time gone?  In a flash he's out of diapers and done with me carrying him on my hip and now towers over me.  I have to reach up to hug him!  6' 1"  tall, really, really?
He is so going to totally be like "MOM!" about me posting this pic.  Oh, this takes me back...he was going thru that phase where he didn't want to sleep in his own bed, he only wanted mama, we had put him to bed like 500 times.  Finally he stopped his carryin' on and we enjoyed the blissful silence for about  five whole minutes.  Ah, you know that bliss of peace and quiet, right.  Well I thought it best to check on him, so I very quietly opened our door that he had previously been banging on like a little mad man.  My grand plan was to sneak down the hall to peek at him.  I was very thoroughly savoring the sweet success of me holding my ground (which is so hard to do at times, especially when they just want YOU), but it only lasted a mili-second.  Yep!  There he was as silent as he could be just outside our bedroom door with that expression on his face like, "well, it took you long enough Mom...I'mmmmm waiiiitttiing".  Turned out to be too cute of a moment not to take a picture, laugh heartily, and still tell this story again agin.  Classic Buddy Boy!

And here he is now with me last August at Whitney's wedding….ahhhh right?  I think we look so cute together.  I miss him being a little boy, but I'm so excited for him and his future as my big Buddy Boy.  I know technically I'm supposed to keep his nick name under wraps now that he's 18 but, I figure, so what, big whoop!, I'm the mommy.  Is there such thing as a "poetic mommy license"?| No matter, it amuses me and at this very moment it makes me smile to share this with you.  So on that happy little note...

Time to put your Duds on!

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