Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hippity Hoppity!

Hippity Hoppity…Easter is on it’s way!

Is it just me or is everyone else in the prep mode, too?  Are you also wondering how Easter  snuck up on you?  I sure am!  Theses holidays keep coming faster and faster it seems.  Hey, wait!  Does that mean I’m officially “getting older”?  oh, I think it does…how STINKY!
Anyhoo, on a brighter note, I just wanted to share with you my own version of button art, so I thought I’d post a few pictures. 

So these are for our mantle.  I just used some old frames I had purchased on clearance a few years ago. I knew when I came across them at TJMaxx that I'd eventually  need them.  Isn't that a great defense for why us women make purchases like this???

And these I made for my sister in law, Kim, and my niece, Emma.  
 I thought the cross would be a nice change from her regular Goddaughter gift of an Easter book.  Besides, she can hopefully enjoy it year after year.  Kim is a crafty girl herself, so I'm guessing she'll appreciate these pieces...which is so nice for me.  There's nothing worse than ABSOLUTELY LOVING and APPRECIATING  handmade gifts, giving them from the heart, and then the person receiving them is like, "oh, gee, thanks".  That's a  total let down, right?  That won't happen with these though, they'll "get it" :).  Besides, I treated them to "not on clearance" frames-lol.  These needed to match and they're just their style.
So the girls were out of school this week.  Our week was filled with sunny days at the beach and artwork.  I buy canvases a few times a year and let them paint.  They LOVE it!  Here is each of their versions of the Easter Bunny.  Who loves the "Picassy" on the right?  I think they're all very cute.  I love to encourage art with my girls.
Now because I want you all to have a fun filled Easter weekend I thought I'd leave you with just one more question in hopes that you all are properly prepared for the holiday:  
Do all of you ladies have your Easter Bonnet?

Happy Easter!!! 


  1. Hi there, I'm a fan from FB, found through Forty Toes, and a new Blogger ;-) I love the bunnies! I encourage art with my daughter, too! She loves to draw and paint, as well as participating in the performing arts. Just wanted to say "Hello!" Now to browse your clothes....

    1. Welcome to FGC! I'm so glad you're here. Sounds like we have a lot in common!! Good luck with the giveaway :)Do you have your own blog, too?


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