Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let's have big, warm Welcome for Miss Lucy Loo!

Welcome! Welcome!
So I told you a few weeks ago that I had some great news, right? A big surprise??? Well, here it is, here she is: Miss Lucy Loo!! 

I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am to have her join my team. That’s right, a team of two. We’re little, but mighty! Go FGC! She’s really, really great and a perfect fit for FGC and for me. I think she loves my clothing line almost as much as I do, clue #1! Now you’re wondering what clue #2 might be, am I right? She thoroughly loves to dress her little girl, Olivia, just like I enJOY dressing my girls. That’s really a big deal. She “gets” me and what I’m doing with FGC. Oh, and to top it off, she’s very interested in sewing! That’s great common ground right there and clue #3. She’s eager to learn and willing to help me with whatever I need her to do to move forward with FGC. Are you thinking what I’m thinking… Where has she been my whole life? Now I’ll stop being silly with my “clues” and really get down to business here. I decided to ask her some hard hitting, fast questions. I had them coming at her left and right (kidding!)…she did great with them. I’m sure ya’ll are gonna like her as much as I do. Oh, here’s a BIG DEAL sidenote: I’m even gonna give her her very own email address,! So silly, but it actually is a big deal to me. You’re about to see that she’s just the gal to handle lots & lots of stuff for me and FGC just  Fabulously.  
Let the fun begin.

So, I asked Lucy to tell me a little bit about herself:
I have always been a crafty girl. I taught myself how to make jewelry and had my own little jewelry line for about 6 years. I have dabbled in
stained glass, pottery, and I have always wanted to learn how to sew! I am so excited to work with Rachel and learn all kinds of fun sewing
stuff. I just attended a sewing class at the Martha Pullen School in Huntsville, AL.....and I had THE best time!

Oh, big fun!  Naturally, I had to ask her: "sew", do you love to sew?
I am so new to sewing and I am so excited that I am finally learning how to make little outfits for my daughter. I have a lot to learn and look
forward to the fabulous Rachel, showing me the way!  Ah, I'm flattered,sweet.

Well speaking of sewing and clothing, when or how did you
 "discover" Fabulous Girl Clothing?
I was at a friend's house and noticed a really adorable pile of girl's clothing. I loved what I saw and asked where I could purchase some pieces....
I went to the website and bought some fab pieces and the rest is history. So glad I found your amazing clothing line Rachel!
Ah, flattered yet again!

Okay, back to you now.  You, you, you!  What is your favorite personality trait?
My sense of humor....I think I'm pretty funny and quick witted. At work, I think it will keep us smiling and whistling while we work ;)

You don't say????
Cute, cute, cute is what I say!

Okay, I know you're a mommy, too.  Let's hear a bit about you and your little gal!
So my little Olivia is 4 1/2 and she is my whole world! She is so hilarious and some of the things that come out of her mouth, make me
cry laugh!!!
 She is a total lovebug, but she is 4 1/2, so she has that evil side too :) Being  a Mom is the best thing I have ever done in  my life,
 hands down!
Okay, all together now:  Ahhhhh.  
Seriously, could they be any more adorable?  I think not!

Lastly, what is the one thing you couldn't live without?  Do you have a favorite luxury item that you love to pamper yourself with?
My skincare regimen.....I have always been a lotion and potion, makeup kind of girl. And now that I am getting older, got to have the good wrinkle, moisturizer, skin stuff. I'm really 62, but because of my skincare regimen, nobody knows the truth!
See, she's so funny, that Lucy.  Her skin really is gorgeous, though.  Since asking her all of these delving questions for all of our inquiring minds, I have since learned that she really does take her skin care very seriously.   You can check out her page right  HERE for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.  Good Stuff, girls!  Plus, on her page is this  super cool age-o-meter.  Have you ever seen one of these?  You HAVE to check it out, you can see what you'll look like after aging for 10 years...for real.  Isn't that cool?
On that happy and fabulous note of a what I hope is a warm welcome for Lucy,  I hope you all enJOYed  getting to know Lucy as much as I have!
p.s.  I'll let you know when I actually figure out how to give her her own email address...then you can send her some love!


  1. So excited for you girls! I know we will see great things from you!

  2. thanks, Wendy. I'm really excited too~ She's great!!


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