Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

 How happy do these images make you feel???  Oh, I'm so ready for Spring!  I'm ready to do lots of household projects.  TRANSLATION:  I'm fully prepared to write a really grand honey-do list for my Mr. Loomis.  Yep, it's true.  How about you?  My man is ready and has been prepped mentally, given advanced notice.  He's actually looking forward to doing some projects with me.  Well, maybe he's just ready to do some projects and then get me out of his hair...but I won't be far away as I always feel so inclined to "manage" these little projects.  Brian calls them my "visions".  In all truth, that is probably very accurate, even if it does make me sound finicky.  It's like I almost have delusions of grandeur about these types of things. It's a good thing I  married Brian ( or should I say he married me!) because it just might be true that someone else, who I am I kidding?, ANYONE else just might not humor me like he does-scoff!  Oh, the thought of that happening is dreadful.  I seriously don't know what I'd do.  What an awful thought now that I'm actually thinking about that!  Do tell, does you husband humor you as mine does me?  For your sake I sure hope so because I don't take it for granted...I'm not gonna lie, it's really, really nice!

Many of "our" projects merely require a fresh coat of paint.  I love to paint!  It's so fun to see the quick transformation.  Yes, I'm sure I'll be using my fave form of painting, the ol' trusty can of spray paint, but the brushes will be making some appearances too.  Our  FRONT DOORS will def be getting a makeover.  I'm so excited, really.  If your front door looks attractive and welcoming, then your entire house looks cute and put together.  Am I right or am I RIGHT???
New wreaths or DOOR DECOR are definitely on tap for an freshness update, too.

Now, just how clever are these HOUSE NUMBERS ?  Click on the caps to see how this is done, cool blog over there at Positively Splendid!  I have so many pots and urns, maybe I'll try this.

Here's a GORGEOUS TABLESCAPE from Ana Rose Blog.  She has some really, really beautiful pics on here page.  Check 'em out.

Now comes my big sigh and SWOON.  My all time fave flower...the grandeur of Spring:  Pink Peonies!!!  Oh, yes, makes for a Happy, Happy Spring indeed.  What are you big plans to spruce up for Spring?  Does anyone else out there have "visions" and delusions of grandeur like I do??  Curious minds want to know!


  1. You have inspired me.....I'm painting my front door turquoise!!!!

  2. :), that will be one happy door...leads to a happy home!


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