Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Success!

I know this is probably silly, but I was so excited last night when my favorite big brown truck pulled up for another delivery.  (Yes, it was again the UPS man.  It turns out I actually have several of them.)  I've been on the edge of my seat just waiting for what he was carrying up to the door...my very first order of custom buttons!  I know, what a dork, right?  Like who truly gets excited over buttons?  Anyone out there besides me?  Here they are!
Am I goofy?  I don't really think so, well maybe a little. I really am excited to finally get these little babies in my hands.  I had them custom matched to this piece of pink velvet that you see in the background...a perfect match!  I just love them.  Ah, sweet success with my first order of buttons. You wouldn't believe how many I had to order!  Lots and lots and lots, but that's okay, this pink is my signature color for FGC, so it's all good.  
I must admit, these fabulous little roundies do have me wondering what this means to me professionally though.  Ya know, does this mean I have "arrived" somehow now?  Do custom buttons make me official with what I'm doing with my little line?  Or does it just mean that I'll be sewing pink buttons on everything for the next umpteen years?  I have a great feeling about this...there I go again, silly, silly me!  Can custom buttons actually validate a person's efforts?  

Speaking of sweet success...remember at the end of my last post I said I had a special little gal that I was going to walk in the sunshine with?  Well, here she is in action.  My little Liliana:
 Sidenote:  that is "baby-baby" in the pink pram.  Yep, that's her official name per Lili!  Original, right?  but, it works around here.
Girl, oh girl!  am I ever glad I took the time out of my day to be present here.  The sunshine was beautiful, the warmth felt so good, I can't even tell you how good!  And before you know it, Whitney and little Chloe arrived and joined us...what a fun afternoon filled with some of my favorite youngsters.  

All I can say now as I'm looking back at the last week in pics, is this was just the icing on the cake for my day...talk about sweet success!

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