Thursday, February 23, 2012

Should this be my new Mantra?

So for some reason I continue to be surprised at how busy I am ALL the time and truly how little down time I have.  Yesterday I made myself sit down for like 15-20 minutes!  I never do that, if you personally know me, you know that is the truth.  I mean what do I do all day long that I literally don’t stop moving around until I go to bed? Shouldn’t I at least have the benefit of weighing a whole lot less with all this motion and busyness…no such luck, darn!  I have to feed the machine (I hate being hungry, it so stinks!!)   I’m constantly busy, trying to fit everything in and get all my stuff done.  Don’t get me wrong…I must love it because I just keep doing it, right?  I know (just like Brian points it out to me every time I get on this kick) that
I would be so bored, like beyond bored! 
if I did things any other way.   I know it’s true. He’s right. 
However, I do think this little  quote below from a Jim Elliot is for now on going to ring true with me.  I found it on the lovely Pinterest and I’m not exactly sure who he is/was, but I like the quote.  At least that is my goal, my new mantra!
Wherever You Are…
Be All  There.
I hope those that know me hold me to it.  I’ve been practicing it as of late and it really does feel good.  I feel more balanced and the Lord knows I need balance…I mean I am a Libra, ya know!  Balance rules my world.
.  I think when all is said and done my full presence will be the biggest present of all not only to my children, but especially to myself.

So on that happy little note, I’m signing off as I have a special little gal that I’m going to walk in the sunshine with!

Wherever You Are…
Be All  There.

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