Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Success!

I know this is probably silly, but I was so excited last night when my favorite big brown truck pulled up for another delivery.  (Yes, it was again the UPS man.  It turns out I actually have several of them.)  I've been on the edge of my seat just waiting for what he was carrying up to the door...my very first order of custom buttons!  I know, what a dork, right?  Like who truly gets excited over buttons?  Anyone out there besides me?  Here they are!
Am I goofy?  I don't really think so, well maybe a little. I really am excited to finally get these little babies in my hands.  I had them custom matched to this piece of pink velvet that you see in the background...a perfect match!  I just love them.  Ah, sweet success with my first order of buttons. You wouldn't believe how many I had to order!  Lots and lots and lots, but that's okay, this pink is my signature color for FGC, so it's all good.  
I must admit, these fabulous little roundies do have me wondering what this means to me professionally though.  Ya know, does this mean I have "arrived" somehow now?  Do custom buttons make me official with what I'm doing with my little line?  Or does it just mean that I'll be sewing pink buttons on everything for the next umpteen years?  I have a great feeling about this...there I go again, silly, silly me!  Can custom buttons actually validate a person's efforts?  

Speaking of sweet success...remember at the end of my last post I said I had a special little gal that I was going to walk in the sunshine with?  Well, here she is in action.  My little Liliana:
 Sidenote:  that is "baby-baby" in the pink pram.  Yep, that's her official name per Lili!  Original, right?  but, it works around here.
Girl, oh girl!  am I ever glad I took the time out of my day to be present here.  The sunshine was beautiful, the warmth felt so good, I can't even tell you how good!  And before you know it, Whitney and little Chloe arrived and joined us...what a fun afternoon filled with some of my favorite youngsters.  

All I can say now as I'm looking back at the last week in pics, is this was just the icing on the cake for my day...talk about sweet success!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Should this be my new Mantra?

So for some reason I continue to be surprised at how busy I am ALL the time and truly how little down time I have.  Yesterday I made myself sit down for like 15-20 minutes!  I never do that, if you personally know me, you know that is the truth.  I mean what do I do all day long that I literally don’t stop moving around until I go to bed? Shouldn’t I at least have the benefit of weighing a whole lot less with all this motion and busyness…no such luck, darn!  I have to feed the machine (I hate being hungry, it so stinks!!)   I’m constantly busy, trying to fit everything in and get all my stuff done.  Don’t get me wrong…I must love it because I just keep doing it, right?  I know (just like Brian points it out to me every time I get on this kick) that
I would be so bored, like beyond bored! 
if I did things any other way.   I know it’s true. He’s right. 
However, I do think this little  quote below from a Jim Elliot is for now on going to ring true with me.  I found it on the lovely Pinterest and I’m not exactly sure who he is/was, but I like the quote.  At least that is my goal, my new mantra!
Wherever You Are…
Be All  There.
I hope those that know me hold me to it.  I’ve been practicing it as of late and it really does feel good.  I feel more balanced and the Lord knows I need balance…I mean I am a Libra, ya know!  Balance rules my world.
.  I think when all is said and done my full presence will be the biggest present of all not only to my children, but especially to myself.

So on that happy little note, I’m signing off as I have a special little gal that I’m going to walk in the sunshine with!

Wherever You Are…
Be All  There.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catching Up in a Hurry!

Good morning, girls!  Wow, how time flies when you're totally busy and can barely catch your breath!  oh, that's not how the saying goes, is it?  Well, that's how my saying goes for right now.  I really don't have the time to do this blog post right now, but I just feel like I need to and I want  to say "Hi. How are you all doing?"  Plus, I thought I'd send out a little picture update.  If nothing else, it amuses my girls' grandparents...so that's a win in my book.  
So, what I'm going to do is start posting some pics ALL the way from Dec. 2011 and bring this blog up to present day (yes, it seems like I haven't updated since before the dawn of time-lol!)  There is just too much going on for me to write about it all, so here you go...
Ready to sing some carols to the neighbors...
Jingle all the way!
Here I have the gang helping me prepare the apples for the pie I always bake for my Daddy.  It's a pretty good set up...they typically peel and cut the apples, I add the spices and make the flaky crust and voila!  my Dad and Brian have a fresh baked apple pie to share. Yes, Brian loves when my folks visit...he always get a fresh apple pie, at least by default :)
Ahhh, our La La's 6th birthday!  I love the missing teeth, so cute!!
Now onto the next celebration, New Year's Eve. The girls LOVED the "pops" of confetti.  Nothing like celebrating the New Year at 9:00pm, right? 
 Oh my, have we ever come a long way...next year a New Year's Eve bash is on the  to-do list, just like I used to throw every year...oh, yeah!
And on to New Year's Day with our traditional making wishes and cracking open our Gingerbread house hoping for some extra hidden candies inside...
Our lovely Gracie girl decided to get her hair cut in bob and then donate it.  I'm so proud of her!  (mental note to mom:  time to mail in her hair to the charitable foundation!!)  Isn't that a cute cut on her.  I have to admit, although I do think it's darling on her, I really do miss doing her long hair.  We have lots of girly fun with all of our  "hair do's".  Gotta love being a girly girl!
You'll never guess where we're off to in the pic below.  Here's a clue for you:  look at the print on the girls' skirts.  
You guessed it!  We're on our way to the circus...big, BIG fun!!  We were debating on going or not and I'm so glad we took them .  We all had a ball!  Brian and I both took such delight in their delight, truly.  What a treat that was!
Before going into the Savannah Civic Center, we just had to stop and make a wish.  So cute (or at least I think so).  "A penny for your thoughts", right?
Yep, circus success at it's BEST!  Isabella chose the circus hat filled with a huge bag of cotton candy. It lasted all of about 5-10 minutes, I think.  It was tasty and took me back.  That child loves cotton candy!
Oh, to be a kid again...Did we really pay $12 whole dollars for a snocone?  Yes-sir-eEE! we did and not once, but TWICE! It's a really good thing that they're only little once :)  We're enJOYing every moment that we can.
At the risk of boring you all completely out of your minds, the picture show must go on...
This pic below is just because I'm so amused at how much Isabella and Liliana look alike!  They actually look so much like Brian. It's a good thing he's so cute is what I say!!!:)
Now onto super jammed, fun-filled, party rockin' weekend...
Here as you can see, we took Isabella and Charlotte girl to Charleston to see Mary Poppins.  I'm soooo glad we took them as it was absolutely a FANTASTIC performance by all!  I think the girls will forever remember going to see it and I'm so happy, truly happy, that we were able to take them their first Broadway show.  I always made sure that I took my older kids too, at least once in a while for a big, big treat.  Guess what?  They all totally remember going and appreciate Broadway shows.  I love that!  That in itself makes me happy, happy, happy.  Now I hope for the same for my little ladies.
I know they loved it, plus we came out of there with a live CD of the musical, an official Mary Poppins umbrella for Charlotte and two Mary Poppins carpet bags for Isabella and Liliana.  Yep, it's true.  They made out like bandits, but somethings you just can't go back and re-do, so we indulged them greatly that night.  We'll keep it low key for a while now, but it was so worth it!
So now we're on to Miss Chloe, my new grandbaby.  Here she was helping me with the laundry before her Sip and See baby shower.  I gave her her first "basket ride" all wrapped up in warm flannel sheets. She took the best nap ever!  She slept right in front of me in the kitchen as I was preparing food for her shower.  So sweet, don't you think?  She loved it, just like all of the other babes have around this house.  I started the "basket rides"  when Isabella was a baby...and I'm still doing them!
Here are my good and wonderful girlfriends, Jen and Joanna, holding Chloe a bit later at the Sip and See.  I know:  cute, cute, cute!
The party weekend continues with our annual Valentine's Par-tay! Brian and I host a Vday party each year for our closest friends and we just have a ball!  It's really corny, actually, as I have games and prizes, etc., but we all have a really good time.  Oh, yes, let's not forget my rasberry flirtinis that I make every year...they always help to make the party fun.  Brian's kegerator just happened to be a big hit with the guys, too.  Go figure, right? Okay, so what a lame-O pic of  the party.  I'm awful of taking pics at parties because I'm always having too much fun and playing hostess, ya know?
The fun continues the next Monday when the girls get a surprise package in the mail from Grandma Marge.  More on that later because I think it's going to get a whole post of it's own by month's end...it's super cool is all I'm gonna say.  Just look at the anticipation on the girls' faces!
The girls' latest favorite pastime, a good soak in a warm bubble bath.  Yep, it's true. They might look more like their Daddy, but they're definitely mine!  There's nothing better than a good, relaxing soak in the tub...or should I say a bubble party in the tub in this case?
Oh, let's not forget my latest show.  I was in Savannah recently for the "Made in the South" Spring art fair/show.  It was a really good show for FGC.  I was so happy to see even more of my regulars come out to find me at the show.  Thank you ALL!  Below is a pic of my booth and one of my new hostess aprons.  It's similar to the one I sent to Miss Paula's camp, yes, as in Paula Deen.  Come on Miss Paula, CALL ME!  Her editor requested some samples from my line some time ago, but I haven't heard back yet.  I'm waaiiitttting.  I know these things can take several months or even up to a year to come to fruition, but I want to talk to Miss Paula sooo badly.  I just love her!  She's know in our home officially as "Miss Paula Deena", compliments of Isabella from when she was like two!  Anyhoo, I have coordinating dish gloves and ruffled tea towels now.  Warning:  they're super cute, girls!
Okay, who is bored yet?  Is anyone still reading?  Did you have to get up and take a break or what?  I need to, but I won't.  I want to wrap this up as I have much, much to do today.
Now onto St. Valentine's Day.  Here is my bunch, minus my boy.  I always miss him so at times like this.  He did call me though.  He's still my valentine, just like when he was little...now, that made my whole day!
Forgive Isabella with the familial "blinking eyes syndrome".  She totally gets it from me. Yes, it's true-lol.
Now you're wondering what else made my day? Well, let me show you what Brian surprised me with.  Hint:  it came in a small box tied with a pretty bow.  You wanna know something?  As soon as I saw that, I already knew I liked what was inside!  Those are always the  good presents, that 's my motto (well, one of them anyway).
He gave me a Daa glass heart necklace, a ruby colored one.  I LOVE it (how appropriate, I  know with it being Valentine's Day and all, but it's true).  It's pronounced  day-uh.  Check out this artist's site HERE.  Pretty cool, right?

Now I really, really must sign off as I've spent the last TWO hours blogging and updating my good people.  I sincerely hope I haven't bored you to tears!  If you had to take a break, I understand.  So much for "catching up in a hurry".  Maybe I should dub this "power blogging".  Just a thought.  
I feel like I need a break before I start my work on some custom outfits for a magazine cover that is due in two days....wish me luck and happy sewing!!!
(my apologies for any typos)

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