Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh, What fun it is to Believe!

Hey, girls!  Just checking in to say I'm trying, believe me!  I had a little back surgery last week and it's really putting a damper on my usual decorating and Merriment.  I'm sure we'll get it together just in the "Nick" of time!!  (yes, I know, dorky me.  I totally intended the pun, just couldn't resist.)  Besides, I have my two favorite elves here helping us mommy and daddy :)!
My mom took over tree duty, which the girls loved.  I woke up Sunday morning to the sweet sounds of their merry little voices talking about where to put the next green bulb.  So cute!  I hope I never forget what their little girl voices sound like!!
Lauren and Owen stopped over to visit with Grandma & Grandpa.  My dad was on entertainment duty with Owen.  Owen was quite amused with hanging the bubble wand off of their noses! It just so happens that Owen was named after my dad.  They share the same middle name, Arthur.  Isn't that sweet?  It's so fun to see them together.  It's actually really fun to see him with any or all of his great-grand parents.  What a neat thing for him. He's the first grand baby for us and it's really cool to see the generations gather around like last summer at my Whitney's wedding.  What a very lucky little fellow he is!  
 We've been busy with Snowy, our elf on the him.  We're having a ball with him!  What a great concept.  Brian and I enjoy 
Snowy as much as our little girls do, I'm sure.  Last night after reporting back to Santa, he landed in our Christmas Tree.  This morning when the girls woke up the "Snowy Hunt" was on, as it is every morning.  They thought it was the funniest thing ever to find him sitting in our Christmas tree!  Oh, what fun it is to "BELIEVE"!   

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's a Holly Jolly Christmas!

It's the best time of the year!
Lot's of hustle and bustle, it's so fun & joyous.  The excitement is literally in the air...I can feel it.  Can you? Doesn't it feel good?  There is nothing else like it and it cannot be duplicated any other time of year.  Celebrating Jesus' birthday  is a wonderful thing.

Oh, ho the mistletoe, hung where you can see...
I love teaching our little girls and reminding our big girls and boy of the real reason 'tis the season.  We're thoroughly enjoying our Elf on the Shelf, Snowy!  Wow, do I ever wish we would've had a
Snowy when my big kids were little.  The wonderment, adventures, anticipation, and excitement are nothing shy of really being

How is this for wonderful?  I met a new friend recently, Jennifer, of
Forty Toes Photography and she has offered to help me out by hosting this year's Holiday Apron Giveaway!  I'm so excited about this.  Her facebook page is awesome and her blog is so cool!!  This gal really has it together. Oh, plus she's a mommy of 4 children...hence "Forty Toes"!  Isn't that so cute?  Her page and blog are so much fun to follow and read...lots of hustle and bustle over there for sure.

So you just saw my Holiday Hoot Apron!  What do you think? I love it and think it is so, so cute and fun!  I'm not sure if I even have enough to keep one for myself or not, but that is just fine with me.  It is so much fun for me to pass on the Joy & the Jolly!  Wanna know a little secret?   I even have these in child size too, super cute! I'm tellin' ya!  They were a big hit at the Holiday Market I went to a few weeks back.
So anyHOOT! What do you say you skip on over to Forty Toes Photography  and get in on the fun right HERE!  It's fun, it's Fabulous, and it's FREE to the winner!!


(I just had to show you a close up of this Fabulous necklace from Grace and Glory.  I treated myself to it this past summer. G &G is a fantasic little boutique here in Beaufort that offers the high quality fashions and gifts.  They are so helpful in there, it's really a pleasure to shop there.  I'll have to blog about them one of these days, the girls are great in there!)

Oh, by golly
have a holly, jolly Christmas this year!

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