Friday, November 25, 2011

We're off, we're off...

We're off to make new friends! (just sing along to the Wizard of Oz tune) Very soon we'll be heading over to Columbia,SC to make new friends, meet lots of great gals, and help raise some much needed funds for charity by setting up shop there for a bit.  I've been told by so many gals that frequent my booth and shop my collections that this show is a "must do".  Quite honestly, it cost a very pretty penny to participate in, so my fingers are crossed really hard that it's a great time and a great show for FGC and everyone that visits the event! There is a lot of excitement around this event, a lot of aniticpation of a really fun time for all. 

I think we're going to have a ball over there.  My Whitney is going with me to help out.  This show is really quite an "event" from what I understand.  It's a 5 day deal!  It goes from morning 'til night on the first two days.  The gals of the Jr. League host a Preview party on night one and a Ladies Night Out on evening and all.  Everyone should be quite Merry indeed!  Oh, and on Friday evening, they host PJ's with Santa!!  I'm thinking these gals over in Columbia really know how to throw a party and raise some funds $$$ for their cause!

Being in a Merry Mood myself, FGC will be offering
This is our last show and big selling opportunity of the year.  I'd like to go out with a "bang" , decorate your Holidays with some beautiful clothing and gifts, and "ring" in the New Year on a Merry note for us all.  Be sure to check out our website,
and catch yourself a merry little sneak peek of what I'll have there.  I wish I had the time to put everything on my site to show you, but frankly, I just don't.  I'll try to post some other goodies to give you an idea of more FABULOUSNESS to come!

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