Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello Fabulous!

Do ya'll remember this little gal?  She is the one who won our first annual "Miss Fabulous" photo contest!  On the blog I'll refer to her as Miss A.  Isn't she so pretty?  She's a natural at this modeling stuff.  I figured who better to show off our limited line of super cute ruffle pants than her.
 "Hello, Fabulous!"  is what comes to mind when I saw her doing this shot.  She looks so comfortable in front of the camera, very confident...really fabulous, don't you think?  Not to mention, I really love these chevron stripe pants!

 Above, she's sporting a bit of a fun and funky pairing of our strawberry stripe ruffles with one of our very versatile pillowcase tops.  These little tops are great.  They can be layered for when it's cool out or can be worn solo in the warmer seasons.  I love that!  Besides the cutey factor, that makes it a great value all on it's own.  Mama of six here loves that for sure! I'm always thinking like a consumer and trying to find the best value in the items I make and purchase.
 Let's not forget that this little top "grows" with your girl, too.  The tie is adjustable, which make is very wearable for multiple seasons, yay!
 These shots turned out so good of her that I had to show her off with mutliple pics of the same outfit.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  This shot above shows something that I just love about the ruffle pants:  the fludity of the pant leg (it's especially great on my knit ruffle pants, they really flow!).  The movement in the ruffle reminds me of a little girls skirt "swishing" as she's playing and skipping about.  Have you ever noticed that?  I think when I'm out and about with my own girls, it is that swishing that catches so many people's eyes and then the rest of the outfit.  What do you think?  pay attention and see the next time your little gal dons a pair of these!

Now that she's looking so cool and relaxed, I'm going to sign off .  I need to stay cool and relaxed as I have a very packed day.  I have some monogramming to get kicked out, steaming, organizing, and packing to do all before I pick my girls up from school today.  Tomorrow I hit the "big time" in Columbia at the Jr. League's
Holiday Market
...5 days of shopping bliss.  I can hardly wait to check it all out myself. I'll take my camera so I can report back to you here.  I'll share all the goodies I find with you:) 
Until next time... have a
Fabulous  Day!


  1. Hey there! I saw that you are coming up on Zulily and thought I'd check you out. So glad I did! You've got the cutest stuff! Can't wait to see what I can grab for my girls tomorrow! :) Keep up the good work!


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