Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boo! said our Roaming Gnome...

Let me just say "thank you" for humoring me by checking out this post.  I just couldn't resist.  My Liliana was just so funny on Halloween Eve!  She absolutley refused to have her picture taken as you can see in the first cute little gnome with our "China Bride" and Lovely Ladybug.  She was definitely MIA and on the run...from the camera that is!
We were much more successful with our Grandbaby Gnome, though.  We were certain he wouldn't have a thing to do with sporting the beard, but much to our surprise he actually kept it on long enough for a full round of pics! 
So, I'm sure you're asking yourself the burning question of the day:
"Just where is the roaming gnome?"  Well, we spotted her in her natural habitat, apparently where she is the merriest little gnome ever, the lovely thicket near our home.
Yes, indeed, as night was falling the sweet little gnome made a grand appearance and frolicked about her woods.
We tried our best to be sly and not let her see us watching her, however, she was just too irresistibly cute and charming not to be drawn in by her playfulness.
Yes, our little roaming gnome even went so far as to in turn humor us with a delightful little game of hide and seek!
Peek a Boo!
Hope you all had a gloriously fun Halloween like we did!!

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