Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are we there yet?

I feel like such a little kid...I just keep thinking and asking myself, "Are we there yet?" 
 Are we "where" you ask...well at the Christmas Made in the South show, of course.  This is my first true Holiday show to kick off  FGC's Holiday season.  So, that being said, I'm super excited.  It feels like tomorrow is never going to get here (that's opening day of the Holiday shopping extravaganza!)   

My big goal is to get down there early enough to do some shopping myself.  Yep, that's right!  I absolutelly love shows like this. I have to set a $ budget for myself or I could just go crazy with it all.  This is nothing like hum-drum "mall shopping".  These are few of a kind, original pieces.   It is such a treat to see all of the artwork and craftmanship.  There are so many different medias. It's super fun to see what all other people are skilled at doing and what they think up.  I'll for sure let you know how the show goes .
You know it...I'll keep you "posted" and let you know if we're there yet!!

1 comment:

  1. I hope to make it this weekend! :) The next few days are jam-packed!


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