Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Fall Y'All!

Yikes!  I've been away for a long time this time...sorry!  I've been busy, busy per my ususal.  Lots always going on here.  Thought I'd bring you up to date with some pics of our happenings.  EnJOY!

 We had to have our annual visit to the church's pumpkin patch.  Does everyone come home with a trunk load of pumpkins and such or is it just me?  Now that we moved, I actually have two porches to decorate and my littles to buy for.  So, before I know it, I've spent a small fortune on pumpkins!
 The good news about that is that I can use them to decorate with for the entire Fall season, not just Halloween.  Pumpkins have become so cool to me for some reason.  I think it's that as I get a bit older, I'm appreciating each season more and more.  It used to be that I was strictly and Spring and Summer gal, with Spring being my absolute fave because of all the beautiful Spring flowers blooming.
 However, now I've learned to love the color orange, just like my Whitney has for e-v-e-r.  Aren't all the shades of Autumn and textures so pretty and interesting?  I really think SO.  Speaking of Whitney, here she is below on her 21st birthday surrounded by all of her sisters wishing her a grand birthday.  Ah, all my girls together at one time...I love it!  If only my boy had been here for the pic, too, right?  Good news!!!  He's actaully here this weekend for Halloween and guess what???  Yep, I'm gettin' myself a snapshot for this year's Christmas card with ALL my babies in it!!!  I'm so excited, you have no idea.  I'm happiest when they are all here. Yes, it can get totally crazy, like what you might see in a movie sometimes, but it's my life and I love it!
 Sneak Peek below:  you guessed it!  The self proclaimed
 "Spray Paint Queen" is at it again.  I'll keep you posted on that hot mess soon.  Decorating is always in the works around least in my mind, anyway-ha!
   Remember I said we have two front porches, one is around the corner on the other side of the house. Funny when we get company or deliveries, we never know which door to answer! It's kind of funny to watch the girls in motion.  So here is our main front door, "Harvest Ready", Sept. thru Nov.  More pumpkins and urns, & mums are on the other set of steps and set up a little bit differently, but coordinates, of course!  I so wish I was a better photographer and yes, we have lots more pumpkins now that have filled in on the steps after a few hayrides out to the local farms for field trips.
 Oh, but here is a great shot of my grandbaby.  Now just how cute is that little face???  He was actually sitting on my lap just before I blew out my birthday candles.  (Yep!  we're still celebrating our Fall windstorm of family birthdays!) I wasn't so cute in this particular pic, but he sure was so I just used my handy dandy little cropping tool...and voila!  you only have to see his cuteness!!
I hope you've enjoyed my long update.  I'll try to stay in touch more with fun stuff for you.  I can promise you this: my Holiday shoot is scheduled this next week.  You know what that means, right? Yep, lots of eye candy for you to look at!  Then I'll get it all posted on my site and it'll be ready for orders :)  I have some super cute, like yummy cute!, pieces that are both traditional and non-traditional for the Holidays.  I'll have to post a little sneak peek on Facebook soon.  In the meantime, Happy Fall Y'All!

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