Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Queen of Spray Paint!

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE spray paint???  Well, I really do, it's awesome!  What's not to love about it?  It comes in a great range of colors, is super easy to use, barely even messy at all, only costs about $3, and it gets the job done F-A-S-T.  See?  You gotta love the stuff. 

Here are a few pics of my latest spray paint project:  the pink chandelier.
I picked up this little treasure from the Restore store, it helps to support our local Habitat for Humanity here in Beaufort, SC. Oh, how I love to go there!  My girls, big and little, love to go with me too.  We have a real love for repurposing things.  I'm really into that now and have been ever since we bought our big ol' beauty of a house back in Michigan.  (Wish I had digital pics of that to share with you.  I could barely turn on the computer 5 years ago, so no pics is no surprise.  I'll have to ask my girls if they have any.)  Restore offers so much room for some great creativity, which equals big fun for me!
Here is my little Liliana "blow drying" her chandelier.  Isn't that a hoot?  She is so funny!  Hey, it did work though, we were ready in no time for another even coat of that glorious watermelon paint.  After drying, I handed it over to my Mr. Wonderful, he hung it for me, I draped some beaded pearls from it, and Voila!  a darling "new" hot pink chandelier!  Now how fun is that?  Do you love it? 
I'm really diggin' it against the background of the blue wall.  I have lots and lots of decorating to do in the girls' rooms still. Of course, I'll be blogging about that, too, so stay tuned.
Here's a handy little link for you to see all of the fabulous color ways available thru Valspar...they have the best color selection, in my humble opinion, that is.  What about the best "sprayer"? (now that 's a little technical talk for ya-ha!), I'd definitely go with Krylon.  With the Krylon can you are able to hold the can at any angle, yep ANY angle, and it still sprays beautifully and very even.  Not all cans are created equal, ya know?  The trick is that you just have to get your rhythm down just so, but I'm sure you all can do it, too.  It's so much get almost instant gratification and results, that's the best part!
I'll leave you today with a little eye candy below of some other pieces of art that others have created with nothing but a vision & little ol' can of spray paint.
 Just look at the transformation from one chair to the next.  Just a little paint can make a total transformation...a good one, too!
 I'm lovin' the blue dresser.  The lines of it are great and the color to die for!!  I have a little table here that I painted in a similar color.  That shade of blue is really a hot color right now and just simply makes me feel happy.  Speaking of happy...check out this little lovely below:  ahhhh, right?  I know.  Happy, happy!
Here's to wishing you a happy weekend!
Are you convinced yet?  Do you now love spray paint too?  If you have some fun projects that you've done, I would absolutely love to see them, so please share!
Now do tell:  do you have a burning desire to rush out to buy your own can of fun?
Oh, I have a grand idea.  Let's have a little contest.  Here's how it will work:  leave a comment here telling me why/how color makes you happy or how it "moves" you.  I'll pick one winner whose story "moves" me as color does, and you'll be the lucky gal to win a Fabulous Girl Tee!
Winner to be announced Friday, Sept. 9th...good luck :)


  1. Color makes me happy because it makes Owey happy. Its so neat to see him get excited about colors especially loud ones. He is very into color sorting right now which cracks me up :-)


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