Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Have I ever told you that it seems that we are always celebrating something or the other around here?  Well, we are!  We just celebrated Owen's (my grandbaby's) 2nd birthday just a few weekends ago and now today we'll be celebrating our Liliana's 3rd birthday.  You know what that means...yep we are par-tay people.
 Above are Isabella and Charlotte having a "kodak moment" with the birthday boy.  My daughter, Lauren, chose a farm theme for Owen (loved it, super cute for him), so here are my girls each putting their best foot forward as little country girls-Ha!  They had a grand time and were quite amused with their long braids.
 Now here is a picture of our two littles: Liliana and Owen, having a quiet moment together.  It was the funniest thing...here there was this super busy party going on around them, kids running everywhere, loud chatter from all of the adult conversation, etc. and here these two took a moment to chat and have a little drink!  Yes, they were really talking about something, wish I had it on video--bad!

Yum, yum fruit salad compliments of Lauren, the hostess with the mostess as you can see.  This was her first party to host and I'd say it was quite a success for her.  Not quite as many folks showed up that said they would, but in the end we were all so relieved...is that terrible?  I think not :).  It just gets so busy so fast with  a bunch of little ones.  It was jusssst right!

 Oh, now below here is Owen.  Could he be any cuter?  No, I think not yet again. Cute, cute, cute little farmer that he is!! He was quite amused with his cake, party, and all the attention.  Who wouldn't be, right?
Sweet faces of party success:
 Fast forward a about 1 1/2  weeks and we now have more yum, yum chocolate swirls in prep for Liliana's birthday cake. I had to take a pic of this...I never pass up chocolate-ever.
 My three lovely helpers.  Yes, they are chocolate lovers, too.  You see, it is a prereq to be one of mine-LOL!  Choc and I just go together, hand in hand.  Sounds grand until my pants are too tight, but I'll deal with that at another time!
 And here it is Liliana's 3rd birthday cake.  It certainly did not turn out like I'd hoped, but a little improv and Voila!  the girls think it is the greatest...don't you just love that??
Apparently making a very big wish....
You've gotta love that blowing bubbles brings such joy and awe (do you see the look on Isabella's face?).  Way to go daddy, a perfect gift for all to enjoy! Yes~more pure childhood sweetness is Parytville.


  1. I love the jumpers and dresses that your girls are wearing! You gotta start making women's clothing. :)

  2. Rachel - where did you find a mixer with 3 beaters??? Love all the pictures of a very beautiful family. Marge


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