Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun, Festive, and Fabulous!

Just a quick "hello" and "how are you all doin' today?" before I scoot our of here to volunteer at my girls' school book fair.  I wanted to share with you a little peek of what I'm working on for a very limited line for the Holidays. 
I'm playing with some non traditional patterns for the Holdiays that will transition very nicely into another "mini- line" (hey, is that such a thing or did I just make that up?  Either way, I like that: mini-line!  I'll have to remember that one).  The colors are perfect for the Fall and the Holidays.  I found some sister fabs that I think are really fun and fresh for St. Valentine's Day, too.  Sidenote:  Does anyone else still call Feb. 14th St. Valentine's Day or is it just me?  I try to call it that so I can better explain the tradition of sharing the love to my little ladies. Ahhhh, yes it's true, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart!
Anyhoo, I'm lucky enough to be working with Susan DeLoach again.  Have you seen her work lately?  She shot my daughtger's wedding last month (totally awesome!) and then I came across the sweetest, sweetest baby pic in Beaufort Lifestyle Magazine by her. 

 Am I right or am I right?  That is a fantastic pic of that adorable baby, isn't it?  What a moment to capture!  Photography has become so cool.  I wish I had shots like that of my sweet babes in the worst way.  They are that little for such a very short time, it just goes by so fast no matter how hard you try to take it all in, doesn't it?  It is a true time of marvel, sweet holiness, and perfection at it's best.  Susan definitely captured it right there in that picture, swoon. 

Look her up for your next special occasion or just because it's time to capture this special time in your children's or family's life.  It's too easy to get caugt in daily life and let these times go undocumented. I swear there are moments that I'd nearly give my eye teeth for if I could have captured them in some way! We often forget to stop and smell the roses...Miss Susan can help you do that again and again each time you look at one of her fabulous portraits...a very easy way to "go back in time" and remember all of the fun, festive, and faboulous moments of your life and legacy!
p.s. I apologize for being so mushy about this!  That baby is just beautiful perfection and I'm happy for the mommy & daddy who will forever get to remember exactly how cute and chubby his elbows and fingers were right then in that moment of time!

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