Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun, Festive, and Fabulous!

Just a quick "hello" and "how are you all doin' today?" before I scoot our of here to volunteer at my girls' school book fair.  I wanted to share with you a little peek of what I'm working on for a very limited line for the Holidays. 
I'm playing with some non traditional patterns for the Holdiays that will transition very nicely into another "mini- line" (hey, is that such a thing or did I just make that up?  Either way, I like that: mini-line!  I'll have to remember that one).  The colors are perfect for the Fall and the Holidays.  I found some sister fabs that I think are really fun and fresh for St. Valentine's Day, too.  Sidenote:  Does anyone else still call Feb. 14th St. Valentine's Day or is it just me?  I try to call it that so I can better explain the tradition of sharing the love to my little ladies. Ahhhh, yes it's true, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart!
Anyhoo, I'm lucky enough to be working with Susan DeLoach again.  Have you seen her work lately?  She shot my daughtger's wedding last month (totally awesome!) and then I came across the sweetest, sweetest baby pic in Beaufort Lifestyle Magazine by her. 

 Am I right or am I right?  That is a fantastic pic of that adorable baby, isn't it?  What a moment to capture!  Photography has become so cool.  I wish I had shots like that of my sweet babes in the worst way.  They are that little for such a very short time, it just goes by so fast no matter how hard you try to take it all in, doesn't it?  It is a true time of marvel, sweet holiness, and perfection at it's best.  Susan definitely captured it right there in that picture, swoon. 

Look her up for your next special occasion or just because it's time to capture this special time in your children's or family's life.  It's too easy to get caugt in daily life and let these times go undocumented. I swear there are moments that I'd nearly give my eye teeth for if I could have captured them in some way! We often forget to stop and smell the roses...Miss Susan can help you do that again and again each time you look at one of her fabulous portraits...a very easy way to "go back in time" and remember all of the fun, festive, and faboulous moments of your life and legacy!
p.s. I apologize for being so mushy about this!  That baby is just beautiful perfection and I'm happy for the mommy & daddy who will forever get to remember exactly how cute and chubby his elbows and fingers were right then in that moment of time!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Pocket Full of Pretties!

I thought I'd share with you today my pocket full of pretties...  Beautiful things that I'm blessed to be surrounded by every day that I never want to take for granted.
We'll start off with this gorgeous flower.  I picked up this bouquet on the cheap at the grocery store.  These babies lasted for over 3 weeks!  Now that was $5 well spent.  I believe money is never wasted on fresh flowers.  They bring such joy and cheer, always.
Oh, here are some pockets on some of my pretties.  I opened up my kitchen closet to don an apron  and found myself wondering just how long it had been since I'd laundered them...according to all the spots on them, it's been a while, yikes!  So, I decided to throw them all in the wash and Voila!  I now have a cute mess that's needs just a little help from my iron.  Aren't they cute?   I wear them a lot.  Would you all like for me to do another Holiday Apron Giveaway?  That was fun last year. 
Here's a pic of the one that Miss Stephanie won last year:
"Instant Cute" is what I call my fashion forward aprons.  They really are fun to wear!  It's like you suddenly feel even cuter than you already are and the next thing you know, you've totally got it goin' on in the kitchen and you know it because you look so darn extra cute!  It's true, you should try one out.  Maybe try one on the next time you see me at a show or if you come over to do a little shopping. 
And here are some of my other little pretties...pretty curly sue's, that is.  Our amusement with sponge curlers is never ending, I swear.  Anyone love sponge curlers as much as us?  I fondly remember my mama rolling my baby fine, pin straight hair on pink ones. That's the only color they came in when I was little, but now we have a package deal that has three different sizes and are pink, blue, yellow, and green...a real rainbow to choose from :).  Yes, instant bliss when we can "trick" our hair into being curly!  With the exception of my Charlotte, all of us girls suffer terribly from what we call "curl envy"  It's a serious thing! 

Don't those curls just make you want to pull one nearly straight and then let go only to say "Boing!"?  I'm easily amused, what can I say?  My curl obsession started with my baby cousin, Dawn.  Ah, now there is true love.  Long story, tell you more later, but for now let's just say I was completely enamored with her and her glorious curls--in love!  I think I thought I was her mother hen.  Just ask her, she'll vouch for me on this :)
Here's a pretty little something that I made for my Liliana.  It's her nap mat cover for nursery school.  I used some of my fabric scraps.  It was too long to show you the full length of it and the pattern, but I was happy with how it turned out.  This little project has me thinking about doing this patchwork look for I & C's bedroom.  Hmmm...I'll have to give that some thought.  I don't see that project getting tackled until after the Holidays...more to come on that note.
Now that my pocket is about to really runneth over, I'll share with you my first born (she's so proud of her birth order, cracks me up, she's takes it very seriously-ha!) pretty, Lauren.  Here we are celebrating her 22nd birthday with a homemade cake (yeah, right out of the Betty Crocker box) all aflame with many candles. I thought I was just so funny to actually put 22 candles on there.  Turns out the funniest part of the whole thing was my amusement with myself!  Lauren found it only slightly funny, but it just cracked me up.  That's getting to be a lot of flames, honey! 
oh, such a full pocket of pretties...more birthdays, celebrations, and sneak peeks at pretties to come though.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Have I ever told you that it seems that we are always celebrating something or the other around here?  Well, we are!  We just celebrated Owen's (my grandbaby's) 2nd birthday just a few weekends ago and now today we'll be celebrating our Liliana's 3rd birthday.  You know what that means...yep we are par-tay people.
 Above are Isabella and Charlotte having a "kodak moment" with the birthday boy.  My daughter, Lauren, chose a farm theme for Owen (loved it, super cute for him), so here are my girls each putting their best foot forward as little country girls-Ha!  They had a grand time and were quite amused with their long braids.
 Now here is a picture of our two littles: Liliana and Owen, having a quiet moment together.  It was the funniest there was this super busy party going on around them, kids running everywhere, loud chatter from all of the adult conversation, etc. and here these two took a moment to chat and have a little drink!  Yes, they were really talking about something, wish I had it on video--bad!

Yum, yum fruit salad compliments of Lauren, the hostess with the mostess as you can see.  This was her first party to host and I'd say it was quite a success for her.  Not quite as many folks showed up that said they would, but in the end we were all so that terrible?  I think not :).  It just gets so busy so fast with  a bunch of little ones.  It was jusssst right!

 Oh, now below here is Owen.  Could he be any cuter?  No, I think not yet again. Cute, cute, cute little farmer that he is!! He was quite amused with his cake, party, and all the attention.  Who wouldn't be, right?
Sweet faces of party success:
 Fast forward a about 1 1/2  weeks and we now have more yum, yum chocolate swirls in prep for Liliana's birthday cake. I had to take a pic of this...I never pass up chocolate-ever.
 My three lovely helpers.  Yes, they are chocolate lovers, too.  You see, it is a prereq to be one of mine-LOL!  Choc and I just go together, hand in hand.  Sounds grand until my pants are too tight, but I'll deal with that at another time!
 And here it is Liliana's 3rd birthday cake.  It certainly did not turn out like I'd hoped, but a little improv and Voila!  the girls think it is the greatest...don't you just love that??
Apparently making a very big wish....
You've gotta love that blowing bubbles brings such joy and awe (do you see the look on Isabella's face?).  Way to go daddy, a perfect gift for all to enjoy! Yes~more pure childhood sweetness is Parytville.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Queen of Spray Paint!

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE spray paint???  Well, I really do, it's awesome!  What's not to love about it?  It comes in a great range of colors, is super easy to use, barely even messy at all, only costs about $3, and it gets the job done F-A-S-T.  See?  You gotta love the stuff. 

Here are a few pics of my latest spray paint project:  the pink chandelier.
I picked up this little treasure from the Restore store, it helps to support our local Habitat for Humanity here in Beaufort, SC. Oh, how I love to go there!  My girls, big and little, love to go with me too.  We have a real love for repurposing things.  I'm really into that now and have been ever since we bought our big ol' beauty of a house back in Michigan.  (Wish I had digital pics of that to share with you.  I could barely turn on the computer 5 years ago, so no pics is no surprise.  I'll have to ask my girls if they have any.)  Restore offers so much room for some great creativity, which equals big fun for me!
Here is my little Liliana "blow drying" her chandelier.  Isn't that a hoot?  She is so funny!  Hey, it did work though, we were ready in no time for another even coat of that glorious watermelon paint.  After drying, I handed it over to my Mr. Wonderful, he hung it for me, I draped some beaded pearls from it, and Voila!  a darling "new" hot pink chandelier!  Now how fun is that?  Do you love it? 
I'm really diggin' it against the background of the blue wall.  I have lots and lots of decorating to do in the girls' rooms still. Of course, I'll be blogging about that, too, so stay tuned.
Here's a handy little link for you to see all of the fabulous color ways available thru Valspar...they have the best color selection, in my humble opinion, that is.  What about the best "sprayer"? (now that 's a little technical talk for ya-ha!), I'd definitely go with Krylon.  With the Krylon can you are able to hold the can at any angle, yep ANY angle, and it still sprays beautifully and very even.  Not all cans are created equal, ya know?  The trick is that you just have to get your rhythm down just so, but I'm sure you all can do it, too.  It's so much get almost instant gratification and results, that's the best part!
I'll leave you today with a little eye candy below of some other pieces of art that others have created with nothing but a vision & little ol' can of spray paint.
 Just look at the transformation from one chair to the next.  Just a little paint can make a total transformation...a good one, too!
 I'm lovin' the blue dresser.  The lines of it are great and the color to die for!!  I have a little table here that I painted in a similar color.  That shade of blue is really a hot color right now and just simply makes me feel happy.  Speaking of happy...check out this little lovely below:  ahhhh, right?  I know.  Happy, happy!
Here's to wishing you a happy weekend!
Are you convinced yet?  Do you now love spray paint too?  If you have some fun projects that you've done, I would absolutely love to see them, so please share!
Now do tell:  do you have a burning desire to rush out to buy your own can of fun?
Oh, I have a grand idea.  Let's have a little contest.  Here's how it will work:  leave a comment here telling me why/how color makes you happy or how it "moves" you.  I'll pick one winner whose story "moves" me as color does, and you'll be the lucky gal to win a Fabulous Girl Tee!
Winner to be announced Friday, Sept. 9th...good luck :)

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