Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Spicy!

Look what I found...
"You spicy, Gwandma!"

Here are my mom and Liliana, my mom's 12th grandbaby, playing around.  I love this pic and I love her even more!!  I just had to post the pic below one more time.  It just says it all about my little Lili, fits here to a tee!   
Who else has a "Spicy" little one???

Ya know, it just ocurred to me that I haven't done a give away in a long time.  I'll have to think up a little something for you very soon:)  BTW, wedding blog coming soon, so many pics to weed thru.  I was looking thru our snapshots and there are just so many I want to share with you, but then it might actually bore you to sleep. I need to be very selective or I'll end up with the single longest blog in history! Anyhoo, until next blog for this week, have a great night!

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