Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Luck Next Time!

Did I make it to five blogs in one week?  NOPE, but I gave it a good whirl!  It is really, really time consuming, surprisingly so.  Maybe I'm just not a wiz at it yet, not sure. 
So in the spirit of moving on with my "blog list", here we go to Isabella getting her ears pierced.  This was quite the under taking, although I must say she had her heart set on getting this done!
 Here she is holding onto my hand for dear life and the gal at Claire's is only making the placement marks on her sweet, little ears....maybe it was the little gal who went before her who screamed her head off (it's allowed, I figured, as it turns out she was only three and I'm convinced her mom "talked" her into it).
Now just look at how cute her first earrings are! Hello Kitty!  I mean, come on already!!  There were a lot of choices this time around.  I remember when I had it done (just a few years ago when I was 13, yeah right-LOL!) they only had the "gold balls".  Remember those?  Classic I suppose, but these Hello Kitty starter earrings are just too cute.  She knew it was a no brainer choice to get big sisie's approval from Whitney.  They both think anything Hello Kitty is the best!  Funny how these things keep coming back around, huh?  HK was cool when I was a tween, but not so much when Whitney and Lauren were tweens, but now it's back to Big Love for Hello Kitty.  Actually, when Lauren was 13, I distinctly remember Lauren basically being mortified that Santa brought her a pink HK TV for her bedroom.  Here my mom and I thought it was the bomb and she was like "what's that about?"  She soon realized HK or not, it was pretty darn cool to have a tv in her bedroom!  Now on that note, lesson learned by me:  "round two" will NOT have tv's in their bedrooms-EVER.  'Nough said about that.  Oh dear, I'm rambling about my mommy lessons learned and teenagers basically locking themseleves in each of their rooms watching 3 different shows.  Last thought about this, I promise:  I love the FAMILY room for the tv!
Now how about her too cute "loot" bag?  Pretty cute and hip is what I say that is.  She was so proud to be carrying that pink bag around at the mall with her cleaning solution in it.  Oh, the Glory Days, right?!!?
  Anyhoo, today is the one week anniversary of when I posted my intention of trying to blog five time in one week.   I say to myself "better luck next time!"

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