Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fresh Look!

Today was a fun day of long anticipated deliveries, indeed.  Check out the new car door magnets...pretty cute, huh?  and how about the little rugrats, too?  Nothing like having a full day of play hard and harder ALL day long, right?  My littles were excited for the magnets, too.  Ahhh... the simple things in life are so great!

 Oh, and my new labels arrived, too.  I'm telling was so exciting around here today.  You should see and hear the glee on a fabric delivery day!  Whoa, now that is really big excitement and instant happiness, too.
  I'm off to bed so I can do this all over again tomorrow.  BTW, today was a good work day, progress was made in a few different areas.  I'm always learning.  Today I gained a bit more knowledge regarding patterns.  Who knew, but pattern perfection and proper fit is a huge, huge deal and not easy at all...rocket science, I tell you!! LOL.
Wishing you sweet dreams :).

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