Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's on!  That is a Fabulous Fundraising Event on behalf of
Riverview Charter School...
Please fill out the order form on the back of this postcard all you RCS mommies.   You just need send it back to school by tomorrow to place your order for some super fab and comfy back to school pieces for Fall 2011-2012.  These designs are an easy fit and super comfy for many shapes and sizes.  Yep, that's right!  I know, school isn't even officially out just yet, but these pieces will be made over summer break and be ready for pick up before you know it. 
Oh, I almost forgot!  Special Fabulous Fundraising Event pricing:
any two clothing items for $50.
Although my new tee, "Smart Girls Rock"  isn't offically part of the uniform, it sure is cute and makes a great statement!  It will be available for purchase at time of pick up.  This tee is available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12.  This tee will make a great gift too!  What do you think???  It's fun and a little edgy, right?
I'll also have sashes and headbands available too if you'd like to add some color and print to your look.  These little accessory pieces were a big hit with my fabulous girls that you see here, they had fun with them.  School uniforms don't have to be the same ole', same ole' any more!  My designs are fun to wear, fashion forward, and still very school appropriate, wouldn't you say?

Fun, smart, comfortable, and super cute....that goes for the clothing and my fabulolus girls, too!  Won't you join the fun???

Miss D is showing off a smart pair of capris above...cute, cute, cute!  Just look at that little face~you can tell she's having fun and loving it!
****I will post very soon when and where I will be hosting the
 "try on", should you want to see, feel,  & try on pieces before placing your order.  You can turn in your order form then as well....so, STAY TUNED!****

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