Thursday, June 16, 2011

A little behind the scenes looky loo!

I just wanted to say "hi" as it has been a bit since I have had time to blog.  I thought you might enjoy or at least find it mildly amusing to take a little looky loo behind the scenes at our photo shoot for the school uniform pieces.
 That's the amazing Ms. Susan behind the camera, the real camera, that is.  You can totally tell which pics are mine on this post.  Ya know the out of focus, discolored, not centered ones...yes, those are my little snap shots.  Just a little reminder as to why Susan is so important!!!

 Oh, and above here is the lovely Miss D.  This little girl is just the cutest little thing ever.  She has the prettiest hair, too.  Total gorgeousness!!!  Below is her fabulous mommy and baby sister with Ms. Alison and her daughter.  Ms. Alison is the director of Riverview Charter School, aka, one busy lady!  She was so nice and easy to work with for getting this fundraiser going.  She stayed late so we could do our shoot right in Riverview.  We wanted it to be authentic.  Authentic it was...Ms. Alison told us about each of the bulletin board backdrops that we used.  They were really meaningful, too.  The teachers and kids work so hard.  There is just such a special atmosphere at RCS~love it!
 Oh, yes, and here I am with my little fabulous girls from the shoot.  This was the last picture of the day.  I thought it would be fun to have a pic with them, although, I hated having my picture taken.  The girls were all so easy and then it turns out that I was the fussy one:  are my bangs ok?  what about this?  what about that?  Oh, wait!  I think I blinked....geeeeess, I really made Susan work!  The girls made it look like a piece of cake.  Maybe I'm just not a natural in front of the camera like they all are.

Anyhoo...I hope you've enjoyed your little looky loo.  Did any of you savvy mommies "spy" anything new in the pics that I haven't offered before?  Well, more on that later.  For now I hope to see a good number of girls tomorrow and Sat. at the "try on" at the Battery Point Marina Store/Clubhouse.  Remember 10% of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Riverview Charter School.  I'll say it again:  Rah~Rah! Riverview!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Try On is Scheduled!

Time to get your "Fab" tried on and ordered for next school year, girls!  I'll be hosting a "try on" very soon for some super cute, comfy, and fashion forward shcool uniform ruffled pants and skirts.  Here's the scoop:
Battery Point Sub, Marina Store
Friday, June 17th from 10-4
Saturday, June 18th from10-3
This will be your chance to try before you buy.  Sizes 4 thru 12 will be offered, khaki and navy.  I must tell you that these little ruffled pants are a big hit with the girls and mommies alike!  Right now I'm offering a full skirt with a ruffled hem, but my big hope and plan is also to offer a drop waist, twirl skirt  as well, so excited for that!  I will be taking orders on the dates above and then the pieces will be made over summer break so you'll have them in time for back to school 2011-2012

Miss G above thinks it's never too soon to plan ahead to look fabulous for school and have fun doing it!!
Let me know if you have any questions: 

See you there :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's on!  That is a Fabulous Fundraising Event on behalf of
Riverview Charter School...
Please fill out the order form on the back of this postcard all you RCS mommies.   You just need send it back to school by tomorrow to place your order for some super fab and comfy back to school pieces for Fall 2011-2012.  These designs are an easy fit and super comfy for many shapes and sizes.  Yep, that's right!  I know, school isn't even officially out just yet, but these pieces will be made over summer break and be ready for pick up before you know it. 
Oh, I almost forgot!  Special Fabulous Fundraising Event pricing:
any two clothing items for $50.
Although my new tee, "Smart Girls Rock"  isn't offically part of the uniform, it sure is cute and makes a great statement!  It will be available for purchase at time of pick up.  This tee is available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12.  This tee will make a great gift too!  What do you think???  It's fun and a little edgy, right?
I'll also have sashes and headbands available too if you'd like to add some color and print to your look.  These little accessory pieces were a big hit with my fabulous girls that you see here, they had fun with them.  School uniforms don't have to be the same ole', same ole' any more!  My designs are fun to wear, fashion forward, and still very school appropriate, wouldn't you say?

Fun, smart, comfortable, and super cute....that goes for the clothing and my fabulolus girls, too!  Won't you join the fun???

Miss D is showing off a smart pair of capris above...cute, cute, cute!  Just look at that little face~you can tell she's having fun and loving it!
****I will post very soon when and where I will be hosting the
 "try on", should you want to see, feel,  & try on pieces before placing your order.  You can turn in your order form then as, STAY TUNED!****

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fresh Look!

Today was a fun day of long anticipated deliveries, indeed.  Check out the new car door magnets...pretty cute, huh?  and how about the little rugrats, too?  Nothing like having a full day of play hard and harder ALL day long, right?  My littles were excited for the magnets, too.  Ahhh... the simple things in life are so great!

 Oh, and my new labels arrived, too.  I'm telling was so exciting around here today.  You should see and hear the glee on a fabric delivery day!  Whoa, now that is really big excitement and instant happiness, too.
  I'm off to bed so I can do this all over again tomorrow.  BTW, today was a good work day, progress was made in a few different areas.  I'm always learning.  Today I gained a bit more knowledge regarding patterns.  Who knew, but pattern perfection and proper fit is a huge, huge deal and not easy at all...rocket science, I tell you!! LOL.
Wishing you sweet dreams :).

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