Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There's a party going on!

Yep, that's right...there IS a party going on!  Check out the link below for some really fabulous giveaways.  A fellow designer, by the name of Joyce, is hosting a giveaway in honor of celebrating her one year anniversary in business.  The name of her company is
Baby's Breath Handmade. She is the gal who designed and made all the awesome hair accessories for my "Flock Together" Spring line 2011.  Remember those?  I'll post a few pics so you can take a look.

Anyhoo...she has enlisted a great group of designers/boutiqes to donate a product or service in honor of her anniversary.  All the details are on her blog (click on the link).  Have a great time checking out all the goodies!

  Warning:  they're FAB- u-LOUS!!

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