Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

Wishing all you Fabulous mommies a wonderful and very

Happy Mother's Day!!
So I sat out on what turned out to be a bit of a challenge this mornging...finding a picture of me with each of my babies.  I'm ususally the one behind the  camera taking the snap shots of life's moments, the big momentous ones, as well as, the sweet little ones that we never want to forget.  The picture above was taken by me this past Thanksgiving (2010).  I'm always beyond thrilled to have all my little chicken gathered up!  It doesn't happen too often, but I do really treasure it. 
Below is a sneak peek into our lives with some random pics.  I hope you enjoy them...maybe you'll find the age range and different phases in life that they each are at as amusing as I still do.  For instance, in the first pic you'll see me and my oldest, Lauren, celebrating her 21st birthday.  Just moments later her and a gaggle of girlfriends were off to Hilton Head to really celebrate.  Yes, she humored me by letting me toast her with her friends gathered around here at the house.
In this pic below, Whitney and I are celebrating her wedding engagement, just the two of us starting the initally planning over a nice lunch downtown.  I know this will be a special time for us both. I want to be sure to capture as much of her as I can before she officially leaves the nest!! She'll be my first one to get married...

Oh, here is my boy!  My one and only, Kyle.  This picture was taken over Thanksgiving weekend.  It was really a great mommy weekend for me as all my babies were here at home!  Let me tell you for certain, that all of us girls go ga-ga for Kyle when he visits :)
Oh, my little Gracie (Isabella is her first name), is such a light in our lives, too.  Here she is with me just after her first stage performance for the first grade production of "Nuts".  Can you guess what role she played?  Give up???  She was a cloud!  The cutest little cloud I've ever seen :)  I love that she's missing her two front teeth, yet another milestone.

Now here is my Charlotte  Rose, so sweet and gentle, she is.  Here we are celebrating after her Holiday performance at nursery school.  Her and her classmates were all just adorable.  They sang to us.  Oh, their little voices were heavenly.  So, so sweet!
And last, but certainly not least is my lovely Liliana.  This picture is a bit dated, but it was super hard to find one of just the two of us.  Miss Liliana is really something else...the best surprise of my entire life!!!!  She is the baby of the family, that's for sure.  She's just so fun and S-P-U-N-K-Y!  I tell her she's "little, but mighty" and that she certainly is.  I've  been told that she'll keep me young....I sure hope so.  

Cheers to all of us mommies and the lights of our lives! Best wishes, again, to you all for a blessed and
 Happy, Happy Mothers's Day!

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