Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The pics are in and the contest is ON!

Brace yourselves...there is some serious cuteness coming your way!
I just love this pic below.  This little gal did a fabulous job, love how she's holding the skirt, soooo girly!!
 Yep, being fabulous just comes naturally to some of us :)
 Ahhhh, just look at all that "sister love"!  What do you think, are they best friends or what????  I can tell it's true love, just like with all my girls~I LOVE it!
 This is little Miss C:  big fun & super cute :).
 Double Ahhhh!  More "sister love".  Too sweet for words!
 Adorable....didn't I warn you?
 Sister Love again!
 Cuteness abounds here at Finds!
More pics coming your way, so stay tuned ladies!  These pics are in NO particular order. 

Okay, on a serious note:  I just previewed this post before actually posting it and guess what?  I teared up.  It's true.  These little gals are just beautiful!  I can't believe they are all wearing my pieces, what a moment I'm having.  Silly?  Did you all know that I'm a cry-er (sp?)?  Yes, that is true, too.  I have such a tough job ahead of me.  This is decision is going to be super hard.  I still have other pics to share with you all before the first official "Fabulous Girl" is announced, but still I'm just in a little bit of disbelief that all of this is really coming to fruition for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all you mommies and Miss Susan:).   

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