Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh, My!

Oh, my!  I hope today gets better.  Would you believe me if I told you that I've lost/misplaced an entire batch of khaki capri pants?  It's true and I'm so frustrated!  How did this happen?  I had to call and cancel a pick up for an order because I can't find the capris in my studio OR anywhere in my entire house! It's so upsetting.  I've actually had my two oldest girls stop by and look with me.  You know, I wanted to make sure I wasn't staring right at them and didn't realize that they're right in front of me.  No luck though.  I have one last hope.  Yep, my Mr. Loomis.   Maybe he can spy them when he gets home from work.

 My fingers are crossed, but I know this is not looking good over here.  I'm really quite organized.  Do you think I already unpacked them and put them on my invetory shelves?  I sure hope so.  I've never wanted to be as blind as a bat,  but today I'm kind of hoping that I am in regards to these britches.  I have three mommies waiting to get their hands on these pants for their girls and I can't deliver--arrghhh.  Wish me luck because I think I'm going to need it.
Now on a happy note:  above is the youngest little gal that came out for our photo contest.  Isn't she adorable???  What a perfect fit this skirt and tank are on her. 
Maybe I stand corrected this cute little red head was a young one too.  This little gal here caught my attention when I was dropping off some papers to a friend of mine.  She caught my attention, like:  ALERT! ALERT!  Darling red head on mommy's hip.  Her mom was walking to the car, she was parked right in front of me.  I went ahead and put on my seat belt all ready to pull away, but then....I quickly hopped out of my car and introduced myself to her mommy and told her about our photo contest.  Yes, it was a little awkward.  Afterall, this mommy didn't know me at all.  I didn't want her to think I was some weirdo!  Turns out this little girl attends my friends daycare where I had dropped off the papers, so in the end we had a connection there.  In the meantime, I even more quickly hopped back into my car thinking that mommy probably thinks I AM a real wierdo and then on about my business I went! 
Well, low and behold, they actually showed up!!!  My friend, Shelley (the daycare owner), had personally called the mommy (which I didn't even know about until after the shoot) to tell her that I was a friend of hers and that I was raving about a little, sweet red head that I had seen out in  front of her place.  Shelley knew exactly which little girl I was talking about. So nice of Shelley to vouch for me, huh, and invite her to the shoot on my behalf?  I was thrilled when they walked in. I just think she has such beautiful coloring and is so sweet, too.  
Oh, my!  Just so much cuteness around here :)!! 
Wishing you all fabulous day!

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