Monday, April 11, 2011

More & More Fabulous Girls!

Wow! Here are some more pics for you:)  I'm just very "bloggy" today, I guess.  Is "bloggy" a word?  Most likely not, but enjoy these sweet little ladies anyway! 
 Okay, I can hardly stand how cute these three sisters are in matching dresses.  I think I'd just die if I happened across them while out and about.  Oh, what fun that would be!
Sidenote: One day last Fall my husband, Brian, took our girls to Chick fil A for a quick lunch and he saw a girl there that we didn't know in one of my skirts and tops.  He noticed my pieces from across the parking lot!  It was so cute that he was so excited to see some of my pieces "out and about".  I guess it's kind of like a little affirmation.   Does that make sense?

 Lots of cuties here!
So you can probably see what huge trouble I'm having here with deciding about this contest.  It's soooo hard!  They all are just so cute and in their own unique ways, too!!
Haven't the girls all done such a good job modeling my pieces?  Just look at these poses below!


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