Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Show Time!

Show time it is!  I've done three big shows in the last three weeks!
They've been fun and a lot of work.  Thank God for my husband.  He helps me soooo much! 

 Here are some pics of me and my daughter, Whitney, at the Flowertown Festival is Summerville.  Now that WAS a festival!  My goodness, there were oodles of people there.  It was so hard for me not to just take off and go shopping.  I'm in love with handmade goods.  I have such an appreciation for them!  I just love seeing all the different pieces by different artisans.  It's very interesting to see what people think of and come up with.
Yes, you guessed it, Whitney is a bit sassy :)!  She can be a real handfull, but she can be oodles of fun, too.  Silly, but we took turns taking each other's pics.  A little lipstick/gloss would've been nice for me, don't you think?
Flowertown Fest was a really good show for Finds! I met some really great gals...I'll definitely go back next year.

 On to my next weekend.  Raleigh, NC to the Southern Women's Show.  This was a super fun weekend for a few reasons.  Reason #1 is below.  Emma and niece and nephew.  They live in the area, so it was a no brainer to try this show.  The kids had a BALL playing all weekend.  Plus we got to visit with my husband's sister, Kim, and her husband, Alen.  Oh!  Super fun:  Gamenight!!  We haven't done that in ages, so fun.  You really must do it soon.  I think I need to set up a game night here with some friends.  Nothing like a little inspiration!
 Here's my booth.  It looks pretty good, don't you think?  I was right across from the main stage of the entire event, it was the "fashion stage". 
 See the little gal in my knickers?  Her name is Grace, she's on her way to NYC for modeling! 
 Finds! was lucky enough to have her don a few of my outfits and "grace" the stage in them-lol.   She did a Fabulous job! 
 Below you can see her exiting the stage with all the other models and actors.  They put on a really cool show.  I had the best seat in the house! I got to see all the good shows all weekend long.
I must sign off for now.  Perhaps I'll treat myself to a little bike ride on Pearl.  Have I told you all about Pearl?  I'll have to do that some time.
Wishing Grace the best of luck when she travels to NYC soon.  I'm pretty sure this little gal is  going to return home with a modeling contract!  Grace, it's showtime for you :)

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