Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Celebrations A Plenty!

So, on April 13th a whole nine years ago my Mr. Loomis and I said our "I do's" and I became his Mrs. Loomis. Wow, has time really flown by. It's just like they say: "Time flies when you're having fun". I can vouch for that saying a million times over :)!

Here we are above on our hot anniversary date at a fantastic restaurant by the name of Southern Graces.  If you're ever in Beaufort, SC this is a must for a great Southern dining experience! Celebtation #1 for April. 
 Celebration #2 for April is right here, my Miss Lauren.  I was working a show a few weeks back and she stopped by the house to drop off her Mr. Handsome (aka, my grandbaby) before starting her first day of work at her first job at a salon.  My Mr. Wonderful was on baby/girl duty ALL DAY LONG with four little ones.  He's such a trooper, isn't he?!!!
You see, I have documented ALL the milestones in my children's lives with pictures.  Just ask them how many times I've embarrassed them as I've jumped out of the bushes with my camera in hand to catch all the action!  Just kidding, but it's almost that bad.  Brian took several pictures of her for me, a real step by step per my ususal documentation.  You know, I have over 50 photo albums of my children all in chronological order...did you know that?  The real kicker is is that I'm now about 3 years behind, arrgghhh!  That drives me crazy like you wouldn't believe.  That's on my to-do list:  getting caught up on my photos and books.  I'm scared of what that will cost once I decide to sit down and really do it--yikes!! 
And... She's off!  Away she goes to fulfill her dreams :)  Happy! Happy!
Celebration #3:  Easter!  Beautiful eggs, good family times, beautiful colors and flowers all around...
My mother in law and myself here, peeling eggs for our own deviled egg recipes.  Did you know I only have one complaint about how she raised Brian?  It's very serious, too.  Just kidding!!  I make my deviled eggs with Miracle Whip, which he will NOT eat because his mom never served it to him or cooked with it, my mom did.  I can eat either Miracle Whip or mayo in/on most things, but not my deviled eggs!  He feels the same way about his deviled eggs, too.  So...Marge and I both made separate plates of eggs:  perfect, the whole bunch loved them and was happy :)
Sidenote#1:  It would be a dream come true if my children's spouses only had one complaint/concern about how I raised them.  Can you imagine that???  None of my own children are married yet, of course, but the praying has begun on my part for great choices in spouses in all regards.  Marge (and Chet, my father in law)  did a marvelous job with bringing up Brian.  Yep, it's so true!  I've said it before and you'll hear me say it again. So, mayo....no problem!
Sidenote #2:  Isn't my hair special?  LOL  I obvioiusly wasn't dressed for dinner yet, but that hair is something else.  Don't fret though, I'm going to see Amy this Thursday for a "cut and do".  I bet I know what you're thinking:  Oh, please.  It can't happen soon enough.  Am I right?  :)?  I know, that's why I gave you all a break with a smaller picture for this shot, for real.  I don't want to advertise that mess!
Now here is not only my major Easter project, but celebration #4:  Hot Cross Buns from scratch!

I hope these step by step pics don't bore you out of your mind, but it is a real process when making yeast breads.
Patience is a must as there are several steps involved.  It's not really hard to do, but I just have to  have enough peace and quiet to really concentrate on this particular endeavor.
Why this endeavor you ask?  See below.  My little Isabella is all about hot cross buns these days (for like the last two years).  This was my first time to make them from scratch.  I thought her and Charlotte would be amused and like to help out.  I was right :)  We had a good time together baking. Oh, we forgot their little aprons, tisk, tisk.
They're looking pretty good here.  Or is it more like looking very homemade?  yes, homemade it is.
Oh, look~  They have risen just like Jesus!  Hence the celebration.  You never know about yeast breads as they're a little temperamental.  Success.  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you,  traditionally hot cross buns are a sweet bread, but I decided just to butter them and leave out the cinnamon and sugar as we had lots of sweets in the house already.  These were delicious, I must say.  Nothing like warm bread straight out of the oven with butter on it, right?  Yummy indeed!
Here is my little "Hostess with the Mostess in training", aka Charlottte Rose.  She cracks me up.  She had already made name cards for the kiddie table and taped them to the back of the chairs.  In this picture below she is arranging the napkins, which was totally her idea.  For real,  I had totally forgotten about napkins all together.  I've become such a slacker on these things!  I'll have to share with you my entertaining ideas and goals one of these days, later.  So my Charlotte does a good job with the little details that always matter.  Some people say they don't, but I really believe they do.  I always notice the details!!!!
Here is a delicious salad I made.  Isn't it pretty?  The recipe is compliments from my friend Kate.  It is soooo yummy, I promise.  I'll share the recipe one of these days with you if you're interested in it.  Lots of great flavors working together in this one for sure.

Oh, yes, and here are the prized deviled eggs.  Paprika ones are compliments of Marge and mine are the ones below.  They were all eaten right up.  That's what happens when you only serve them about twice a year.  That way they are a real treat for everyone, right?

Now I think we're up to celebration #5 for this month, Isabella's 7th birthday.  Now this deserves a BIG WOW!! I thought perhaps time would slow down a bit with my round two of babies, but it's going just as fast, if not faster.  It just amazes me.  Isabella is such a sweet and good girl, with a lot of spunk.  We enjoy her immensely!
Here is proof that she is definitely my daughter:  a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Yep, that is proof right there!  We love our chocolate for sure:)

This cake is reason enough to celebrate!  Would any of you like to come over for a piece of cake, cup of coffee, and a good chat?  Now how fun would that be????
Wishing you a fabulous day!


  1. I met your daughter Lauren last week, my sister works with her at Bang, and she is so very sweet! I would LOVE your salad recipe!! : )

  2. LOVE your post! where did you find those black and white damask dishes?

  3. Hi, Girls~I'll post the salad recipe soon. It really is so yummy. Be sure to let me know what you think after you make it!

    I found the damask dishes a few years back at TJMaxx. I know...go figure, right? I've tried to find more pieces for entertaing, but no luck :( I do love my dishes, now if I just a a gorgeous kitchen to go with them...sigh.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot to comment about my Lauren. Yes, she is sweet. Thanks for the kind words about her, that is always a treat as a mommy to have someone else compliment your child (even if she is in her 20's!) Makes me smile :o).


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