Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Getting Exciting Around Here!

So I was working with Susan again this weekend and look what we came up with for our postcards...okay, well she really came up with it, but I did have some input.
Maybe she is a mind reader.  She came over with her computer and above is what she had to show me. This is exactly what I wanted!  My damask print in the background with her picture and the info on top of it. Oh! and  I love how she "married" our two brands. Below is the flip side of the postcard with the "scoop".
So not only does Susan take awesome photos, but she's a little wiz on the computer, too...Genius, I tell you! 
Susan continues to impress me imensely with all her talents and her patience.  Did I ever tell you I'm a bit fussy??? Yep, I'm one of those who knows exactly what I want AND what I don't want.  I call it having "visions". Actually, my husband dubbed it that after dealing with me for a time.  I'm nice and all, but I'm just a gal who knows what I like and how I want things to turn out , especially if my name is going to be put on it :o) Who else can relate to this "vision" thing?  I know you're out there!  So, if Susan keeps up all of this awesomeness, she might get promoted to Sainthood pretty soon~lol.
This is some pretty exciting stuff for me, let me tell you! 

Please help us spread the word about our photo contest with all your friends, sisters, daughters, moms, grandmas...everybody!!
Call Susan today to reserve a spot for your special little gal,

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