Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can we say Fab-U-Lous!?

Yes, we can!  Is it just me or are these girls and photos delicious?

 It makes me feel so good to see such happy girls and sunny personalities.  Our photo shoots are a TON of work, but as you can see, Susan makes them look effortless and fun.

 The girls always have such a good time.  It's like they get to play dress up and be just a little famous (at least in their own circle and minds).  They are so funny!  You should here some of their conversations.  They really crack me up.

 I'll tell ya, between this great group of gals, Susan, and Iris...
 I think they are making me look pretty darn good, maybe.  I do know for sure that they are making me very proud.
 I'm getting a really great response to our photo contest and trunk show, which pleases me to no end!
 Do you have a girl that is simply too Fabulous not to join us this upcoming weekend for our photo contest & trunk show?
Let me know!  I'd really love to hear from you.  We have a few time slots left.  Please call 843-470-1646 to join us girls for a
 Fab-U-Lous time this coming weekend. 
Be there or be square!
(hey, does anyone even say that anymore?-lol) 

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