Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautiful Craziness Abounds!

Ahhh, how pretty are these pom-poms?  I'm just in love with them!  How silly is that??  very, I know, but they are just fun, fluffy, and just simply beautiful to me.  Above is a picture of my staircase after unloading from the photo contest and trunk show from this past weekend.  We had to put the pom-poms behind the gate so my Lili (she's 2, that should say it all!) wouldn't get into them. Silly me,  I thought that I get them hanged in my girls' rooms first thing Monday morning:  WRONG!  So far I have just 9 of these babies hanging while the rest are still in a lovely heap although not on the stairs, but now upstairs in the hallway. 

I've just been too busy prepping for my next show which I just happen to be really excited for.  It's supposed to be the bomb (who hears me on that note?  anyone else still say that at least once in a while? If my big kids happen to read this post-yeah right!- they'd be so embarrassed :)  We'll be at the Summerville, SC Flowertown Festival this coming weekend, April 1-3.
 I was really thrilled when I found out that we were accepted into the show.  Man, this was a tough one to get into.  For you show and festival goers, this festival really is supposed to be a big deal.  I was told that about 200,000 go thru this town in a three day period!  Isn't that a crazy number to move in and out in such a short period of time?  You know what that means for me?  Yup~big fun!  I have a ball meeting new folks and introducing them to my line.  The very best thing is when I can just tell how happy and excited someone new is to "find" my line!  Now that is cool.
Lots going on here at Finds!  I'm staying busy beyond belief, which is good, but it does get a little crazy.  I think the hardest part is finding that perfect balance between my work and family.  I just seem to run out of time every-single-day. Why and how is that?  I so wish I could master that whole thing.  Good news though:  I'm loving this craziness and I'm finding the rewards of sharing my love of dressing little girls like little girls to be a beautiful thing!!!

 Yes, indeed, beauty abounds amidst all this craziness :) 
Do these yummy pom-poms not sum all of that up?  Are these pom-poms not like delicious confections?  I think so.  That's why they'll be hanging around here for a while. I'm just not ready to part with them.  Besides, they are a momento from my 1st photo contest for Finds!  I bet you all are wondering what's happening with that, huh?  Well, would you believe that I still haven't seen the pics yet???
Yup, it's true. Miss Susan is still working on them. We had a lot of girls show up and believe me, Susan took a lot of pictures!  Oh, so many cute, cute girls and fun persoanlities!! What am I going to do????  I'll have to choose one little gal as our "Fabulous Girl" and it is really going to be a tough, tough call.  I promise that as soon as I know something that I'll clue you all in.  The suspense is killing me!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can we say Fab-U-Lous!?

Yes, we can!  Is it just me or are these girls and photos delicious?

 It makes me feel so good to see such happy girls and sunny personalities.  Our photo shoots are a TON of work, but as you can see, Susan makes them look effortless and fun.

 The girls always have such a good time.  It's like they get to play dress up and be just a little famous (at least in their own circle and minds).  They are so funny!  You should here some of their conversations.  They really crack me up.

 I'll tell ya, between this great group of gals, Susan, and Iris...
 I think they are making me look pretty darn good, maybe.  I do know for sure that they are making me very proud.
 I'm getting a really great response to our photo contest and trunk show, which pleases me to no end!
 Do you have a girl that is simply too Fabulous not to join us this upcoming weekend for our photo contest & trunk show?
Let me know!  I'd really love to hear from you.  We have a few time slots left.  Please call 843-470-1646 to join us girls for a
 Fab-U-Lous time this coming weekend. 
Be there or be square!
(hey, does anyone even say that anymore?-lol) 

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Getting Exciting Around Here!

So I was working with Susan again this weekend and look what we came up with for our postcards...okay, well she really came up with it, but I did have some input.
Maybe she is a mind reader.  She came over with her computer and above is what she had to show me. This is exactly what I wanted!  My damask print in the background with her picture and the info on top of it. Oh! and  I love how she "married" our two brands. Below is the flip side of the postcard with the "scoop".
So not only does Susan take awesome photos, but she's a little wiz on the computer, too...Genius, I tell you! 
Susan continues to impress me imensely with all her talents and her patience.  Did I ever tell you I'm a bit fussy??? Yep, I'm one of those who knows exactly what I want AND what I don't want.  I call it having "visions". Actually, my husband dubbed it that after dealing with me for a time.  I'm nice and all, but I'm just a gal who knows what I like and how I want things to turn out , especially if my name is going to be put on it :o) Who else can relate to this "vision" thing?  I know you're out there!  So, if Susan keeps up all of this awesomeness, she might get promoted to Sainthood pretty soon~lol.
This is some pretty exciting stuff for me, let me tell you! 

Please help us spread the word about our photo contest with all your friends, sisters, daughters, moms, grandmas...everybody!!
Call Susan today to reserve a spot for your special little gal,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Model Search in ON!

Yep, that's right!  The big search is on for Finds! 1st official "Fabulous Girl"!
  How exciting is that?  I think pretty exciting!!
Here's the scoop:
Do you have a Fabulous Girl?  I just bet you do!  We'd love have
you join us for a FREE photoshoot!
 Saturday, March 26th is bound to be a day full of excitement and good, girly fun and photos!  Don't delay and call Susan today at 843-470-1646 and reserve your Fabulous Girl's spot for her very own FREE photoshoot.
This event is just in time for Easter, too.  This is a fantastic opportunity to not only have your daughter entered into the model search/photo contest, but also to take advantage of NO sitting fee (that's a $120 savings) to have your Fabulous Girl professionally photographed by the one and only Susan DeLoach!  There's no obligation to purchase anything, but Susan is offering a really, really great price on a portrait package.  Also, I'll be offering a special discount on my boutique clothing the day of the shoot.
Please check it out and join us for all the fun!
Limited spots available, reserve your spot today!

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