Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wow, What a High!

So here is our first little model of the shoot...our Fabulous Miss M and her Fabulous mommy, Miss C.  There will be some great pics of her coming soon.  C let me in on a little secret...Miss M loves marshmallows!  done deal~I brought a whole bag for her.  Not that many were needed, but I was prepared if necessary!  I really think Susan got some super cute shots of her.
 Below are a few pics of our "hair station" and make shift changing room at the studio.  Oh, I should have snapped a shot of my oldest daughter, Lauren, doing hair.  Dang!  I didn't take as many pics as I had wanted to because I just got too busy.  Anyway, she was actually part of the shoot, too. She modeled my new Ladies Tee and a few of my Hostess Aprons.  I can't wait to see those shots either...I stayed back and gave her her space to do her  "thang" without mom looking over her shoulder.  Get this:  I thought that is what she would like...a little mommy space.  Turns out she was a little bummed that I wasn't right there like I was with my little girls!  Sometimes I just don't know what my girls want from me.  Being a mommy is the best, but man is it really hard at the same time, right?  Glad I finally got my Lauren in the mix here!  Okay, now I will re-focus:  It  got a little messy by the end of the shoot, but that's okay.  You can't tell from the pic directly below, but I had a friend and fellow crafter custom make some hair accessories just for my "Flock Together" line.  Oh, they were just perfect!  Her name is Joyce of Baby's Breath Handmade , that is her facebook link and here is where you can find her on ETSY.  Check out her work, she's so talented and puts out really high quality pieces.  Let me know how much you like them and I'll be sure to order more from her.  I'm sure she'd love that!

 Above is obviously a rack full of the Spring pieces...wish I was a photographer too so these little snap shots did my clothes justice.  Maybe you get the picture though...LOL!  I love corny jokes.  Yep!  The cornier, the better with me.  They are so my speed and make me laugh real, hearty belly laughs.
Oh, here is one of the headbands made by Joyce.  My little Miss Charlotte smiled perfectly here.  I hope she did this for Susan, too.

 A litte playtime towards the end of the shoot.  Here you can get a little peek of my first screen printed tee.  I have to say...not only do I love them, but I really do think they are worthy of being dubbed "Fabulous!"

Here's a gorgeous basket full of flowers I picked....yeah, right from the shelves of the store-ha! Aren't they pretty though? I love all of those colors. I know they looked great with the clothing.
 I've always been IN love with the colors and scents of Spring.  It's so happy and refreshing, don't you think?

Wow, it was a full day of fun and photos.  Here is a fun little pic of me, Susan (in the red, she's the photography genius), and Miss Iris (Susan's lovely assistant, a real Miss Helpy-Helperton!).  This shoot was a lot of work, but even more fun..I can hardly wait to get the proofs in my hot little hands.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to see my work (months and months of my work) all come together and then be photographed so beautifully by Susan with such darling and yes, FABULOUS, little girls donning them and doing them justice.  It just feels so right and makes me so HAPPY!  What a high that is for me!!

p.s. thanks for reading :o)

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