Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sister LOVE!

So here is to debuting my
 Lovebirds Knot Dress
 on my blog,
 with lots of sister LOVE. 
 I personally do not have any sisters.  I'm the baby of my family.
 I must admit that I've always relished in my birth order and place in the family...

 Daddy's girl to the hilt!
 Doted on like crazy by my mamma (we all were- she's a nurturer by nature, but I am the baby which had it's perks, I'm sure).
 I had two big brothers~great guys~ to look after me (just fought and fussed with them a bit).

 Once I "caught on" to what my birth order/gender meant as my place in the family I really did think I had it pretty darrrrn good!  That's because I did.  I didn't have to share all my "girl stuff" with anyone, didn't have to deal with any hand-me-downs, I always had my own room, etc.  Yep, I had it pretty darn good, don't you think?
 However, as a mamma of five girls, I can see what I in fact have missed out on!  Wow!  how cool would it be to have a sister or even sisters????!?!??  As I'm getting older (just a bit, mind you-wink, wink), I can really see and appreciate what a special relationship and bond that sisters have.
I swear, even though my older girls fuss with each other at times (as do my little girls) and I can't believe the things they say to each other in anger over something so utterly important as a hair straightener and the like, I don't think they could actually live without each other!  Do you know what I saying? They are so interesting to watch and so completely dependent upon each  other.
I've been so blessed with a large family and lots of babies, 5 of my 6 happen to be girls. I'm thankful that I get to witness all this Sister LOVE!

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