Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let the RAVING begin!

Rave #1...So let the RAVING begin about Susan DeLoach Photography!  Here is a shot that we did at the very end of the shoot.  Just a little spur of the moment thing....I LOVE it!   Susan was such a good sport about it when I asked her to do it. I'm sure she was exhausted, too.  She is so easy to work with, which I  really appreciate.  I just wish all my girls would've been there with me at that time.  Susan really caught a great moment of us, don't you think?  So, now I think I will have to do this with each shoot for now on.  Mental note:  I need to take a look in the mirror first before getting in front of the camera.  Whew, I certainly could've used some "touching up"!   That's what I get for being a working girl these days, right?   I will really cherish this photo for years to come.  So "Thank You, Susan"!!

Rave #2...So this is a big weekend for me and Finds!  I'll be down in Savannah at the convention center at the Southern Women's Show.  If you live near, you gotta come down and check it all out.  I'll be in booth #946.  I'd love for you to stop by and say "hi".  Oh, click here, COUPONS, to go directly my Finds! page on their site and you can see my special coupons just for this show.  EnJOY!  There are some great pics there too once you click on the coupon links. 

Rave #3...Oh, and guess what?  My second oldest daughter, Whitney, it getting in on the Finds! action.
Yay!  She's joining me on Sat. at the show to help out and be with me. This will be her first time to join me as her work schedule has always interfered before.  It should be a good time with  her.  I LOVE being with my girls!  I've got to remember to take my camera and actually use it at this next show.  You see, what happens is I get so busy that I forget to take picutes of my booth,etc.  But I definitely want to get a pic of her down there with me.  I'm pretty sure I have one of Lauren with me at my last big show in Savannah.  That was her first time to do the Finds! thing with me.  I'll have to find that.
Rave #4...How about these "I'm a Fabulous Girl!" tees and tanks ?  Oh, I LOVE how great these turned out.  I'm so happy, happy about this.  These are my first screen printed pieces and I just love them.  What a grand statement they make.  I hope everyone else loves them as much as I do.  I especially hope that all the little girls will feel so good about themselves wearing them and just happy being themselves.  They will be available in sizes 2 thru Ladies!!  Isn't that fabulous news? Who would like one?  Maybe that would make a great giveaway....

Stay tuned for more great pics by Susan of Flock Together.  I must run now as my van is waiting to be loaded up for the big show.  Wish me luck!!


  1. Thanks, Terri! More yummy photos to come...stay tuned :o).

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