Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Great News with just one little problem!

So my Spring show schedule is shaping up very nicely!  I got the news this week that Finds! has been accepted to participate as a vendor at the Southern Women's Show  in Savannah.  Sara, the gal I spoke with there seemed quite excited about my clothing and thought my product line would fit in very nicely with their show.  Perfectly perfect!, I'll be a win-win for us both.  Here's the problem:  Before I fully committed myself and Finds! to the event, I figured it was in my best interest to even more thoroughly check out their website, read little tidbits, and look at all of the pictures from last years Savannah show.  Guess what????  Yes, it solidified my decision to want to participate in the show, but now I want to go for my own shopping pleasure and girly fun!!  Oh, what is a girl to do?
Fashion shows, beauty and spa treatments, food demos, health info and products...the list goes on and on!  I think I might have to have a friend go with so I can scoot out of my booth for a bit to enjoy the show, too.  Yeah, maybe that is my ticket to the show!

 Check it out~it really looks Fab-U-lous!

I'll be posting my Spring/Summer show schedule soon, so stay tuned ladies!!
Oh, yes! and here is a little sneak peek of a sundress for you:

Now H.C.I.T.?

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