Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm in Love!

 Ahhhhh!  Can you hear the choir singing? I sure can!! 

 That's what happens when I'm tickeled pink and just so happy when a vision  of mine turns out JUST like I want it to. That doesn't always happen, ya know?  Does that ever happen to you?

  I'm sure it happens to all of us and that is why if feels so good when "the choir sings".  I just received these images from Katie Moss of Peekaboo Photography.  Aren't these photos just fabulous?  If you think so let me know~I'd really love to hear from you.

 There are a few more images from this photoshoot, but I just wanted to give you gals a little peek before I start my day.  My girls' school schedules are calling, but I just couldn't resist not sharing these right away.  These are pieces from my "Birds of a Feather... Collection".   I'm so excited to share them with you!  She has such a great take on her work.  Yes, it's true....I'm in LOVE!

Stay tuned, gals...BOF's sister collection, ...Flock Together, will be debuting very soon.  Believe me!  It is Delicious!  Yes, that is with a capital "D".


  1. Capital "D" also for Darling. The children are Darling in your Delicious line. Can't wait for Flock to roll out. Marge

  2. Thanks, girls! Oh, it is getting crazy and very exciting around here! Spring photoshoot is tomorrow a.m....I can hardly wait. I have some great little models, including my Loomis Ladies. It's gonna be good!!


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