Saturday, January 15, 2011

Elvis Rocks!

If when you logged on you weren't lucky enough to land on one of  the Elvis tunes....
Check out the playlist below and click on #'s 18 or 19 for a little Elvis to get you up and moving!  He was the coolest!  Great music to sew to.  This is going to get me really kickin' out lots pieces this weekend.  Busy, busy weekend ahead.  The countdown is on to the Spring photoshoot!!  So much to do yet.  I wish it was already done, but  that just isn't the case. There is so much build up to a photoshoot, you wouldn't believe it.  Maybe it will get easier as I go or maybe I'll figure out what I'm doing at this level and then I'll just make things more elaborate.  Yeah, knowing me, that's what I'll end up doing.  Enjoy the music!  Wishing you all a Fabulous, Fun, and Happy-Happy weekend!
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you...I received the best news today.  I, meaning Finds!, was accepted into the Flowertown Festival in Summerville, SC.  I've not participated in it before, but they draw and HUGE crowd, like 200,000 plus.  Wow!  now that's a big crowd.  I'm so excited to show my goods there~  It will be a new audience for me! I'm thinking this is a very good sign for me.  I've applied to other shows for the Spring/Summer, so maybe this first acceptance will set me on a wave of acceptance letters.  Again....wish me luck as I hit the beat :o)!

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  1. Love the ruffle skirt, do you make it for adults.


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