Friday, December 17, 2010

Whew! What a busy, busy day!

I may not blog like this for a while, we'll see. I have so much work to do, it's not even funny. The girls were sick again this last week-yuck. Of course, they come first and my work and social life are the first things to be put on hold. Now I'm behind on the schedule I've mapped out for myself. I have lots of prep for Spring 2011 that I need to get to, get done, and then relax for this Holiday break. Will that actually happen? Probably not. Anyway, today was super, super busy. I was just on fire this morning and so effecient with my time. I even bathed the girls, got them all dolled up in clothing of their choice-happy, happy Loomis Ladies, let me tell you! Isabella really appreciates "uniform free Fridays". Lots and lots on my morning to do list: like baking cupcakes. I have never baked and iced (homemade) a batch of cupcakes so fast in all my life. Now granted, they certainly aren't my prettiest ones, but the 4 year olds they were served to didn't seem to notice-whew, that was a close call-lol! I actually almost impressed myself, almost...That is until I accidentally locked my keys in the house-ouch! So yeah, Me, the baby, and the cupcakes were all outside ready to go and feeling fine just sitting in my car with no keys for the car or the house. I was actually on time-miracle! I won't lie. As soon as I figured out what had happened, it got a bit ugly there for a minute. I realized that when I went back into the house to get Lili some milk my keys must have fallen out of my pocket. I unknowingly skipped merrily out the locked door (still so proud of myself for baking at such high speed and actually being on time). So during my "ugly moment" I analyzed the pockets of this super cute jacket that I broke out of the closet just for today. Guess what I discovered: very shallow pockets, certainly not big enough for my big and stylish keychain. MENTAL NOTE TAKEN. So, this little snaffoo not only caused me great stress, but caused a painful unproductive loss of time for me. I was actually late getting cupcakes to Charlotte's nursery school. I felt so bad because I know her teachers had their moring mapped out as well. OOOPS! What's a girl to do? It all turned out just fine, other than my wasted time waiting and waiting for my house to be unlocked. Anyhoo, the show went on as it must as you can see. How familiar does all of this look to you all? Very, I'm assuming, but we love these crazy, full, busy lives with our kiddos, don't we? Yep, I'm sure of it!

So on tomorrow's to do list: get a spare house key made!

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